All knowledge has the potential to be useful!
Mon Jan 16, 2017 20:32

Marissa noticed the wariness in his voice, which she found to be a little unfair. She said she was sorry, she meant it, and she thought it had come out very genuine. Danny clearly didn’t trust her enough to fix his lip. Which, okay, was maybe a little fair. Marissa knew the spell, but that didn’t mean she knew how to do the spell. If there hadn’t been a charm in the way, she would have leaned in and at least wiped off the small bit of blood on his face.

The red head shivered again; why was the fog so cold? She was perfectly comfortable before someone decided to drench her in water. She raised her free hand and showed him a universal gesture as a response to his apology, matching his grin. “Uh huh, whatever, we’re even.”

Together, they used the spell to blow the fog out of the way. Marissa removed the bubble head charm, and before she had the chance to follow through on her earlier thought, Danny was out of her reach again.

“Come on, speed is key, or something.” Marissa laughed and matched the Chaser’s pace. She was, slowly starting to dry off, but she wasn’t ready to stop milking it yet. Once they made it to the next obstacle, a ridiculously large wall, Marissa placed her hands on her hips and took a good look. No hand holds, no foot holds, probably not affected by magic. This screamed Professor Rasnick; the woman was huge on teamwork.

“No, she wants us to work together,” Marissa said with an added shiver, and then she moved closer next to Danny so they were barely touching. He was much warmer than her, which meant she could still be ridiculous about her wet clothes. “Do we climb it? Or, well, we could climb each other, I guess.”

  • Okay. Just not useful knowledge. - Danny, Mon Jan 16 17:02
    “I’ll fix your lip for you when we don’t need the bubble head charm anymore,” Marissa offered. “Thanks, but I’ll pass,” he said, warily. He was not certain she had eptitude in healing spells. Spells... more
    • All knowledge has the potential to be useful! - Marissa, Mon Jan 16 20:32
      • Usefulness is to be commended - Danny, Wed Jan 18 15:51
        How was she still cold? The water from his charm but have been icy . If he’d have known that, Danny wasn’t sure he would have gone through with it. Maybe. Dardanius himself was actually pretty warm,... more
        • I do what I can - Marissa, Wed Jan 18 17:27
          Marissa could tell that her shivering was making Danny feel uncomfortable or something. She was a good actress. She wasn’t the best – she’d never do fancy stuff like her mom did, and she didn’t want... more
          • You sure do - Danny, Fri Jan 20 05:07
            Once Marissa was in his shoulders, Danny shakily stood, using the sheer face of the wall for support, raising his companion sufficiently that she could haul herself onto the top of the wall. That was ... more
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