Mon Oct 29, 2018 16:53

Sadie sat up a little more in excitement because of course she wanted to talk about butterfly knives. They were awesome! “So they’re these little pocket knives with two handles. The blade hides in the handles and then you can open them up by moving the two handles. You can do all kinds of tricks with them and they’re just super neat. But it’s illegal in some states to carry them around, so I can’t have one or whatever.”

That statement was completed with a roll of her eyes. She didn’t know exactly what her mom did before working for the Edwards, but she was sure that she was being a complete hypocrite for not letting Sadie have something slightly illegal. Sure, her mom had never said she couldn’t have one, but she didn’t have one right now, did she? No, she didn’t. And her mom worked for the Edwards family, for Merlin’s sake. She’d walked around that mansion. Legality didn’t seem to be the biggest concern in the world, and Mom helped teach some of that questionable magic.

Midterm had been weird for Gigi, too, and it was nice to hear. She hadn’t talked to Elliot about his yet, or Tycho’s, but she figured they’d be all “yay family time” about it. Being home had been fantastic, but Bobbie and Ava and being gone for so long… it was all kind of different. Not a bad different, sure, but it was still not what she was used to.

The more Gigi talked, the more Sadie decided she liked her. Elliot already called her a friend, but she hadn’t had the chance to get to know the Aquila. She was glad to suddenly have that opportunity. The other girl just got her somehow. Sadie nodded a lot and threw her hands in the air in complete agreement.

“That’s totally it. It’s uptight and weird here with a stupid dress code and boring classes,” she wrinkled her nose, “My family made it sound like RMI was gonna be great, with Quidditch and secret passageways and tons of mayhem. But it’s just been… blah. How do people stand it for seven whole years?”

  • To-woo - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 14:57
    It turned out that Sadie understood the prankster-style relationship of Gigi and her roomie after all. Teacher’s Pet laughed at the tale, and confessed her mom was an Aquila. Georgina suppressed a... more
    • Tutu! - Sadie, Mon Oct 29 16:53
      • To you, too! - Gigi, Thu Nov 1 17:45
        Georgina wasn’t typically a fan of weaponry - obviously katanas were cool, and she’d discovered she was a decent shot with an air rifle at Mia Jones’ birthday party last summer, but carrying knives... more
        • To all! - Sadie, Sun Nov 4 21:28
          If Sadie thought about it, she wouldn’t call all of the classes boring. Defense Against the Dark Arts was fun, even if it meant spending time with her Aunt Cindra. It was odd. Aunt Cindra hadn’t... more
          • To all a goodnight - Gigi, Thu Nov 8 15:51
            Either this was some elaborate wind up, or there were honest-to-Merlin secret passageways in the doldrums more officially referred to as Rocky Mountain International. If her Dad knew about them she... more
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