That's you all over
Fri Nov 30, 2018 15:55

She picked the little critter up, and it let her, without making any more of that peculiar screaming sound, and without trying to run away or bite her or anything else that might have made her rescue attempt rather more difficult than it needed to be. So with her snood wrapped around the thing, she was going to cradle it into her hand and support it against her chest for secure transportation to Professor Bennett, when the strange little creature suddenly started wriggling and squirming. Myffi was so unprepared for the commotion she didn’t tighten her hold in time, and the poor thing rolled right out of her hand! Luckily it landed in her bag and not on the ground, because despite all that armour on its back she was sure such a miniature beast would hurt itself falling from what was comparatively a great height. Not to her, obviously, but to the thing that was now in her canvas bag.

Myffi peered down into her bag to see the small, screaming - but not currently - animal curled around the wand that was in there. “That’s Russell’s wand,” she said pointedly. “Please don’t break it, I don’t want to have to explain that to him. Although,” She muttered under her breath, “it might serve him right for leaving it out here in the first place.” What sort of wizard just left his wand lying about outside (or inside, really, but the most outside part of the school, at any rate)? It wasn’t like Russell was a first year who didn’t know any better; he was of age, going to graduate at the end of the year, almost a fully-fledged wizard. The Lyra considered that Russell could probably do adequate magic without his wand, because he was one of the few animagus students, but that still wasn’t an excuse for it to be left lying around where it could get lost or broke or appropriated by another student. What was he even doing that would leave him to neglect his wand out there anyway?

Myfanwy had almost made it back to the greenhouses when that series of thoughts connected themselves together in a way that made her stop walking and look inside her bag again. “Russell?” she asked dubiously. “Is that you?” Either she had found Russell in his animagus form, or she was talking to some unidentified and unfamiliar animal. “If you are Russell, do that strange screaming noise again, otherwise I’m giving you to Professor Bennett.”

  • I don't wanna! - Russell, Mon Oct 22 18:26
    Russell was saved arguably saved, but definitely at least distracted, from wondering about the proportion of bugs in an armadillo’s diet and whether or not he would be able to stomach the thought of... more
    • That's you all over - Myffi, Fri Nov 30 15:55
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