One man's abduction is another man's joyride
Tue Jan 17, 2017 01:42

Andres's relationship with extraterrestrials had been....complicated, to say the least. To say the most, it was a stressed roller coaster of emotions that varied from being intrigued to straight out terrified. When he was younger, he had watched the movie Signs, which followed a small family that survived an alien invasion. His mother liked it because she used it as an example of how "God can save even those who don't believe in him" which was nice and all, but Andres had completely ignored the religious subplot because of how scared he was. Weeks after he would be screamed at by his mother who would scold him for spending too much time watching "aliens captured on film" compilations, and leaving endless amounts of water glasses all over the house. His mother just didn't understand, but the Ceti knew that once his obsession would single-handedly save them in the future, that'd she'd thank him. (Water was the aliens' weakness, duh, watch the movie sometime.)

Although Andres didn't know a lot about aliens, it didn't stop him from talking a lot about aliens (that could be said for a lot of things too). But once the initial fear had subsided, he laughed to himself and stood up quickly to introduce himself. "Uh, hi. Sorry for flashing a light in your face, I'm Andres," he said, smiling goofily at the older student. Andres couldn't exactly pinpoint what gender the older student was so he made a mental note to steadily clear away from any gender specific classifications. Besides, the only classification that mattered to Andres was that the older student was an alien enthusiast, just like him.

"Ya know," he began. "Sometimes I wonder if aliens would even be able to comprehend the concept of magic, it isn't exactly rocket science," he giggled to himself. Space joke. He continued. "But I'm glad that aliens wouldn't be able to reach us here, between you and me, even though I think they're really cool, I think I'm fine if they just exist somewhere else and leave us alone. I think if they'd ever find us humans, muggle or not, we'd either kill them, or they'd kill us. And I don't like either of those odds- BESIDES, why would they even want to come here, we're like...like space babies or something. That's exactly what we are," Andres turned and faced the upperclassman, making direct eye contact underneath the shimmering stars above.

"We are the equivalent of a spacial infant- maybe even fetus. Who knows.." he said, he himself not knowing; but boy was it fun to wonder.

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