Jason Fitz
Time to plan a kidnapping
Fri Mar 1, 2019 19:49

It had taken a know-it-all older kid that Jace hated (he didn’t know anything else about them but he hated them) to tell him eventually that he was at the wrong fire. He was in the actual gray house, not the blue-disguised-as-gray house, as it happened. He’d kicked Jake in the shins when they’d run into each other at breakfast that morning, but after Jake apologized for the ten billionth time they’d quickly settled into their normal breakfast routine , just with more to tell each other because they’d been sorted into different houses. It was the first time in Jace’s entire life he’d been without Jake and so far it was just really weird. He kept turning around to exchange a look with his brother or make a face or laugh about something, only to realize Jake wasn’t there. The two boys quickly made a pact to show each other where their house entrances were, even though it was totally against the rules.

They had started walking to the place where they’d have their first lesson together, but Jake had gotten excited and run off before Jace could yell after him to slow down. Jace wasn’t about to run to a lesson like some loser, he might be excited for school but he didn’t have to tell anyone but his twin about that. Instead, he slouched with hands deep in the pockets of his khaki shorts to the place called the outdoor classroom.

The dude at the front of the class, the teacher guy, said they could call him Professor Anders. So far of the grown-ups Jace had met at this school, none of them wanted to be called by their last name. Maybe RMI was more chill than he’d expected - definitely more chill than the lame school Jenna and Jeremy had gone to. He made a mental note to write a smug owl to his older siblings with Jake later.

As it happened, the teacher dude was going to teach them how to make a little plant Frankenstein with magic, which was a hella awesome first thing to do at magic school. It was probably even cool by Jake’s standards, and Jake wasn’t the kind of dude who really paid attention in class. It wasn’t his fault, his ADHD made it hard for him to focus on stuff like when teachers were talking. All through elementary school, Jace had let Jake borrow his notes. More than once, he’d also deliberately bombed a test that he knew his brother was going to flunk. He didn’t want to be the smart kid in class, he was Jake’s partner in crime for life. That was a lot cooler than straight As.

The entire time Professor Anders was talking, Jace was listening intently and making mental notes that he’d probably write down later. Of course, then Professor Anders said something that Jace knew he couldn’t resist. He’d know if a leshy was missing, would he? Jace didn’t believe it for one second, and already a plan was forming in his mind. All he had to do was make two leshies, stick one in his pocket, and turn in the other one. The pots were definitely big enough to make two of them, Jace thought. He’d just need someone to watch his back - but Jake was already going up to grab stuff so instead, Jace elbowed the person sitting on the wooden bench next to him.

“Dude, we gotta steal a leshy,” he said quietly. Anyone from around here who heard him would know that he came from the southern part of the US, which seemed like a rarity so far at RMI. “Wanna help me out?”

  • Let's Multiply [Magizoobotany, Yrs I - III] - Professor Anders, Fri Mar 1 17:43
    Anders Blackburn had chosen the outdoor classroom for his first set of classes because this was going to be an exciting class for all three years of students. He had hoped that the second and third... more
    • Let's not as say we did. - Deja Torres, Thu Mar 14 19:19
      Deja Torres had spent all of the last night inspecting her new dorm room. It was adequate accommodations even if they had shoved four girls into one room. That seemed like a disaster waiting to... more
      • Trouble with your times tables? - Elliot Phippen, Fri Mar 15 09:14
        Who the hell was this? Where was the regular guy? It wasn’t like Professor Bennett was his favorite, but it was weird to show up to magizoobotany and have him not be there. Shouldn’t they have been... more
    • Am I ready for fatherhood? - Eugene Hardie , Sun Mar 10 10:52
      Eugene knew he was going to be a great dad. He had lots of experience with dads. There was Greg Walker (Brandy’s dad). Greg liked sports and came to visit once a year at Thanksgiving. He always let... more
      • Reckon that's a question only you can answer - Joseph Blair, Wed Mar 13 15:58
        Joey had been minding his own line, which today meant staring loris-eyed at the mismatched duo up front. Their new Magizoobot proffy looked almost like a surfer ben, ‘cept instead of the baggies his... more
        • Eugene’s head hurt. He had thought Joey’s English was improving- like Eugene had definitely understood the first three words out of his friends mouth but, after that everything started to get muddled ... more
          • Leave me out of it! - Joey, Fri Mar 15 19:12
            Wait, what? “I don’t give a carp if it’s a bloke or not,” Joey informed his partner. “It’s just a leaf. And the proffy said that one’s--” he pointed at the leshy named Klaus “--a he , so.” They’d... more
            • Fine. But I'll outgrow you - Eugene, Sat Mar 16 09:46
              “But, you are mad when you whack things,” Eugene insisted, once again zoning in on the only word Joey said that made sense. He had to remind himself that it wasn’t Joey’s fault that he was making... more
              • But whyyyy please stopppp - Joey, Mon Mar 25 22:21
                Bewildered at the change in topic, Joey shook his head frowningly. “Mate, I speak well as you. I’m ‘strayan, not full yella, ya racist. I don’t need ya to teach me words or what.” If his tone of... more
                • Fine. But only cause you asked nicely - Eugene, Fri Mar 29 17:19
                  Eugene understood that Joey was proud of his English- and rightly so. Sometimes Joey fooled Eugene enough that he thought the boy was a native speaker but then he’d toss out some foreign word and... more
                  • *cue intense relief* - Joey, Sat Apr 6 22:07
                    It seemed his turn round hadn’t been fast enough, cos instead of ‘terpreting it to mean convo-closed, as Joey had intended, Gene did a sorta gaspy squeaky voice and went off exclaiming how terrible... more
    • Let's spice it up - Sadie Embers, Mon Mar 4 20:02
      Even though all of her sneakers were permanently charmed to remain so clean they looked brand new, Sadie still chose to wear her least favorite ones for Magizoobotany. She was not about to take any... more
      • Tiny baby orcs. ORCS! - Vivica Dixon, Tue Mar 5 15:34
        The new term had started with a bang and Vivica was back with a vengeance. Perturbed by her start last year, Vivica had decided to take this year by the horns and give it a good old college try… or... more
        • What? - Sadie, Wed Mar 6 18:48
          Oh, boo, it was her weird roommate. Okay, Sadie knew that wasn’t fair. Everyone was weird in their own way or something. She didn’t even think it in a mean way. Elliot was a weird technology nerd.... more
          • Boo you. 😒 - Vivica, Thu Mar 7 10:11
            Vivica brushes off Sadie’s question. She didn’t want to draw attention to something she felt she should be talking about. Whilst she felt guilty about it, as it was quite rude, she knew she would... more
            • That's fair - Sadie, Fri Mar 15 22:35
              Sadie was very good at specific things. This included the talent to get information out of people, but it only worked when she latched on. Aunt Katrina said she took after Cosette that way. It seemed ... more
    • I'm just gonna - nope - Norah N, Sun Mar 3 20:53
      Plants were still not her thing. Norah had avoided anything having to do with them (except for eating them) for as long as she could possibly do. Of course that had been up until last year when she... more
      • Here, let me help - Georgina Philpott, Sun Mar 10 13:12
        RMI has a new professor. It was a bloke, because of course it was, but he was on the younger-ish side, and was not in any way unpleasant to view, so Georgina was content for the time being. Magizoo... more
        • You shouldn't have - Norah, Tue Mar 12 19:02
          Norah wasn’t stupid. Neither was she a total priss. So when Georgina Philpott responded to her plea, the Lyra found herself wishing that she hadn’t asked at all. What was worse than being made fun... more
          • But I did! - Georgina, Thu Mar 14 19:21
            Gigi gave half a point of credit (because yes, credit came in points and needed to be earned) to Norah for the attempt at return mockery. She almost wished she did find a worm so she could feed it to ... more
    • This is amazing! - Amelia Rosette, Sun Mar 3 18:33
      After Professor Anders finishes speaking, she started on her leaf leshy. She got her a pot and added her acorn and pinecone to her hole. She watered it and put more dirt on it. "Silvestre sylva" she... more
      • It sure is! - Professor Anders, Mon Mar 4 06:06
        OOC: It's great to see you posting! Two quick things, please make sure that all of your posts are at least 200 words long this makes it easier for people to respond to you and all posts must be past... more
        • What is a good name for you? (Tag Professor Anders) - Amelia Rosette, Mon Mar 4 22:16
          She retrieves the leshy from the professor. "I really haven't thought of a name for it yet, professor." As it was crawling up her arm, she started to giggle. "Stop it little leshy!" she responded and ... more
          • I like Klaus jr - Anders, Tue Mar 5 15:26
            Anders watched bemusedly as Amelia offered names up to the leshy rolling in the pot of dirt. All the names she offered were promptly turned down by the newly made leshy. Anders had named Klaus much... more
    • Time to plan a kidnapping - Jason Fitz, Fri Mar 1 19:49
      • I'm in. - Mia Raven, Mon Mar 4 18:05
        Mia strolled down the hallways to her class, Magizoobotany, while softly humming a tuneless tune. Thoughts raced in her mind, as always, and in the jumble of different ones, she wondered if any of... more
        • Partners in crime! - Jace, Sun Mar 17 08:08
          Sweet, the girl who’d been sitting next to him on the bench was down for some good solid leshy-theft. Jace knew that sometimes girls were cool. Even if his older sister Jenna was kind of a pill... more
          • Ready! - Mia Raven , Sat Apr 27 01:07
            Mia nodded along as he explained his plan, thinking about how difficult it would be to execute it. She was happy that she could finally be apart of something. Maybe make some friends. She didn't want ... more
    • Wooo! - Jake Fitz, Fri Mar 1 18:08
      Jake Fitz had apologized to Jace more than a few times for leaving him hanging at the opening feast today at breakfast. He had forgotten entirely about the Jace being colorblind. It was like he had... more
      • Curiouser and curiouser... - Deagret Wyckland, Fri Mar 1 18:35
        As much as she was certainly enjoying the short time she'd spent at RMI, Deagret had to admit that although the school didn't reflect that it was underground, just the knowledge of it made the air... more
        • Yes it is - Jake, Sat Mar 2 11:21
          Jake had noticed the girl next to him taking notes during the lecture, and as usual, he forgot to. He wondered if Jace had? Jace was a better student than him, Jace could focus on school. Jake... more
          • It's Icelandic - Deagret, Sat Mar 2 13:42
            To see the boy smile back at her (potential friend!) made Dea's nerves slow down a bit, she nodded in response. "Dee-grit," she said slowly. "You can just call me 'Dea,' though. That's what my... more
            • That's cool..mine is nothing. - Jake, Sat Mar 2 21:45
              Deagret said her name slowly, and Jake thought it was pretty and she was pretty cool because she soon told him to call her Dea. Jake who was a fan of nicknames hence him and his brother calling each... more
              • That's okay! - Deagret, Mon Mar 4 11:31
                "Yeah, I think you did get the cooler names," Dea replied with a bright laugh. Her eyes went wide then, and she asked, "Wait you have a twin? Wow, that's so cool! Do you two get along? Who's the... more
                • I know! - Jake, Tue Mar 5 15:42
                  Jake smiled when Dea agreed that Jace and he had the cooler names. Jake laughed when she asked him a lot of questions about him and Jace. “Of course we get along. We are best friends.” This was true... more
                  • Coolio! - Deagret, Tue Mar 5 20:09
                    "I wish I had a twin," Deagret replied, voice and eyes wistful. "I mean, I love my older brother, but it'd be nice to have someone who shares everything with you, and is always going to be there.... more
                    • Yes! - Jake, Sun Mar 10 11:48
                      Dea said she wished she had a twin and then spoke about her older brother. “My family has two sets of twins. The older ones aren’t identical; obviously one is a girl, and one is a boy. Therefore Jace ... more
                      • (I'M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG) - Dea, Tue Mar 26 20:51
                        Deagret really couldn't see the connection between identical twins somehow being better than fraternal twins, but she decided not to question Jake's somewhat...illogical thinking. Thankfully, his... more
                      • I have two leshies. How many do you have? - Amelia Rosette, Thu Mar 21 21:42
                        After Amelia made her two leshies Jasmine and Klaus Jr., she let them play in the dirt. She wanted to tell Professor Anders that she named her new leshy after Klaus but he was busy helping another... more
                      • I have two leshies. How many do you have? - Amelia Rosette, Thu Mar 21 21:40
                        After Amelia made her two leshies Jasmine and Klaus Jr., she let them play in the dirt. She wanted to tell Professor Anders that she named her new leshy after Klaus but he was busy helping another... more
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