Or is it not what you're thinking?
Tue Jan 17, 2017 13:35

As it happened, the person who had been trying to capitalize on her frozen mud was Emmett, which Rose really shouldn’t have been surprised by. Marissa’s ex wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and more than once Marissa had complained of him following her around in a very puppy-like manner. Plus the kid was only in fourth year, which meant he had less practice in the spells he knew, and he knew fewer spells. Admittedly, most people knew fewer spells than Rose, who practiced charms and transfigurations seriously in almost all of her free time - she wanted to become and Animagus, and there was no slacking if she wanted to reach her goal. The blonde didn’t hold it against anyone, per se, but it did give her a wide advantage in the majority of her classes. A well-earned advantage, though.

Tactfully side-stepping around Emmett’s comment about his own competency as a human being, Rose walked over to him and leaned down to look at the scratch on his chin. It wasn’t too bad, but it was bleeding. It was also well within her ability to fix, if he wanted it.

“I can Heal that,” she offered. “It’ll take like a second.”

By now, Danny and Holland had disappeared from Roses’s peripheral vision and she hadn’t seen Marissa in awhile, but she honestly wasn’t too stressed about the time portion of the course. Not that she wasn’t a physical sort of person - she was - but the Aquila also knew that she could easily make up any lost points at other times, with exams and practicals and essays. Plus, Professor Rasnick wasn’t totally unreasonable. Rose could definitely see her taking the fact that there had been a fellow student in need of some help into consideration when grading their work on the obstacle course. Rose had achieved all O’s in her courses for the past two years (ever since she’d been able to select her own courses), and planned to continue that streak through graduation, no matter what it took.

It wasn’t so much that grades were important to her as that grades were important to universities, and Rose’s goal was to get a full ride to a magical university, study Spellwork, get published, and continue in academia until she was bored, or until it started costing her money, and then go into industry. She wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible as soon as possible. It was part of the reason why she also had a part-time job at Kimball’s Quidditch Supplies; the Farnon family could afford a fair amount of pocket money for the three children, but Rose had no interest in taking any of it unless she absolutely had to.

  • It's probably not what you're thinking. - Emmett Lawrence [Lyra], Sat Jan 14 18:17
    Ajkhskfhakjgks. Welp. This was the day Emmett would die. He should have known it would end like this, forced into extreme physical activity while he was already concentrating on just keeping blood... more
    • Or is it not what you're thinking? - Rose, Tue Jan 17 13:35
      • ....*brain explodes* - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 17:03
        Emmett pondered for a second, trying to decide what looked stupider: to say “no thanks” to Rose’s Healing spell for his chin and look like a stubborn, ungrateful child, or to accept it and stand... more
        • Ew now there's brain juice everywhere - Rose, Tue Jan 24 10:32
          Once Emmett had agreed to let her heal the scratch on his chin, Rose reached down and tilted his head up so that she could get easy access to the cut. It wasn’t that bad, but the fifth year didn’t... more
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