Amelia Rosette
What is a good name for you? (Tag Professor Anders)
Mon Mar 4, 2019 22:16

She retrieves the leshy from the professor. "I really haven't thought of a name for it yet, professor." As it was crawling up her arm, she started to giggle. "Stop it little leshy!" she responded and put it in the dirt. It started rolling around, looking very happy.

She sat down next to it," What shall I name you huh?" The leshy big black eyes turn towards her. "What about Tonay?" The leshy shook its head. "Sparkle?" Another no from the leshy. "Bethany?" Another no. She sighs and starts to get frustrated. Finally, she thinks of another name."Jasmine?" The leshy nodded its head, liking the sound of the name. "Jasmine it is!" she exclaimed. The leshy gives her another sunflower. "Thank you, Jasmine!"

The leshy started playing in the dirt again. "Little leshy? Why do you like playing in the dirt." It just looked up at her. "Oh well." She picks it up and walks over to the professor. "Professor Anders? I named my leshy Jasmine. What do I do now?" She thinks for a moment, "Also why do leshies like playing in the dirt so much? I know they are a type of plant but they like it so much." she asked, wondering about the interesting plant.

  • It sure is! - Professor Anders, Mon Mar 4 06:06
    OOC: It's great to see you posting! Two quick things, please make sure that all of your posts are at least 200 words long this makes it easier for people to respond to you and all posts must be past... more
    • What is a good name for you? (Tag Professor Anders) - Amelia Rosette, Mon Mar 4 22:16
      • I like Klaus jr - Anders, Tue Mar 5 15:26
        Anders watched bemusedly as Amelia offered names up to the leshy rolling in the pot of dirt. All the names she offered were promptly turned down by the newly made leshy. Anders had named Klaus much... more
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