Amelia Rosette
Leshy #2. Jasmine's brother.
Tue Mar 5, 2019 21:08

Amelia listens very closely to the Professor. She wants to make sure that she take care of Jasmine correctly. She has grown very closely to the little leshy and doesn't want anything bad happening to her. As she walks back to her spot she asked Jasmine a question. "Do you want a sibling Jasmine?"

The leshy looks at Jasmine with her big black sparkling eyes. She nods her head as jasmine puts her back on the dirt. "So a sibling you will get!" She gets another pot, pinecone, and acorn. She puts the acorn and pinecone in the dirt. She waters it as well. She thinks for a moment and says,"Silvestre sylva". She patiently waits for the leshy. After a minute, it pops out of the dirt. "So cute." Jasmine exclaims. She takes the leshy out of the pot and sits it next to Jasmine. The two get along quickly and start to play with each other.

"What should we name him Jasmine?" Amelia asked the slightly older leshy. "Derick?" Jasmine shakes her head no. "Tony?" Another no. "Charley." No. She thinks carefully for a moment, knowing that leshies are extremely picky. Finally she says," Klaus Jr." Jasmine and the little leshy nodded. She celebrates her victory.

She picks up little Klaus Jr.and takes him to Professor Anders. "Professor, I have a surprise! I named my new leshy Klaus Jr.! He really likes the name."

  • I like Klaus jr - Anders, Tue Mar 5 15:26
    Anders watched bemusedly as Amelia offered names up to the leshy rolling in the pot of dirt. All the names she offered were promptly turned down by the newly made leshy. Anders had named Klaus much... more
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