Wed Mar 6, 2019 18:48

Oh, boo, it was her weird roommate.

Okay, Sadie knew that wasn’t fair. Everyone was weird in their own way or something. She didn’t even think it in a mean way. Elliot was a weird technology nerd. Tycho was weird because, come on, his name was Tycho. Even if he wasn’t sticky all the time, he still had a weird name. She thought they were both weird, but she still cared about her friends. Sadie couldn’t place a finger on what made Vivica weird, but she was her weird roommate, and that was that.

“A--” Sadie stopped when Vivica kept talking after asking her question, patiently waiting for the opportunity to actually answer. She turned the acorn over in her right hand. The fact that the spell relied on something so easy to access like acorns and pinecones was completely fascinating for some reason. What else could they make with random items from nature?

“I’m sorry, I was distracted. That boys is going…Never mind. A what hybrid?”

See? Weird roommate.

“It can be a hybrid with anything. I’m just wondering if you can combine them with different plants. Like, would the spell work if I added an extra plant seed or whatever to the pinecone and acorn.” Sadie shrugged, latching on to a potentially more interesting topic. “Which boy is gonna do what now?”

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    • What? - Sadie, Wed Mar 6 18:48
      • Boo you. 😒 - Vivica, Thu Mar 7 10:11
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        • That's fair - Sadie, Fri Mar 15 22:35
          Sadie was very good at specific things. This included the talent to get information out of people, but it only worked when she latched on. Aunt Katrina said she took after Cosette that way. It seemed ... more
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