Joseph Blair
Reckon that's a question only you can answer
Wed Mar 13, 2019 15:58

Joey had been minding his own line, which today meant staring loris-eyed at the mismatched duo up front. Their new Magizoobot proffy looked almost like a surfer ben, ‘cept instead of the baggies his own dad and uncle both rocked on the beach, Prof Anders was wearing jeans. And instead of a bogie board, he was hanging ont’a some lesh leafman that them kids were somehow supposed to be growing all on their own. Right whack. Just cos they were all magic types and Joey in general liked doing magic type stuff didn’t mean he felt good about mashing a coupla nuts together and making a whole new sentient critter outta it. And there were snapper leshies, too? Whack again. But at least they weren’t growing a ton of those in class today. RMI wouldn’t have any bugs left, and everyone knew bugs were heaps handy, ‘specially the long leggy ones.

So he’d been minding himself and staring just fine, when out of nowhere one of his yearmates grabbed him by the hand. Caught by surprise, the black-haired boy turned a gape on Eugene. “Uh, hey, ‘Gene. What’re ya goin’ on about?” he asked, a grin caught somewhere in the middle of bemused and confused sliding over his face. This was a normal expression with his yearmate. Eugene was an ace sort, but also he had a way of bolting sideways mid-convo and making Joey feel all looped over. (He wasn’t as much of a frog in a sock as Kit Kendrick, who he felt guiltily relieved to not be sharing classes with any more, but still. Eugene said a lot of confusing things. Last year Joey coulda sworn he’d overheard him talking about ghosts once, which he wasn’t too bothered by content-wise, since his aunty Estelle was elbows deep in dead people half the time and told him stories on it the other half, but it was still a confusing thing to be talking on when they weren’t learning much about dead people or ghosts in class. Like, what was there to talk on? Aunty Estelle sometimes brought a skeleton to lecture but it wasn’t even real, just coloured plasty, and Prof Boot went on a lot about dead goblins, but goblins didn’t come back as ghosts, not that he’d said anyways.)

Wearing a more relaxed grin now that he was recovered from the initial surprise of being confused - obvs not recovered as in knowin’ what was all together, just like, handling it - Joey shook his head, more to himself than anything else. “We’re not making a baby together, ya drongo, it’s a leafman. Though growing a leafman, I mean a leaf-baby-man, that’s still whack if you ask me,” he confided, because in his one year of experience with Eugene, the other boy was someone that you could confide about just anything and know he was gonna be supportive, though for sure not how you thought it’d make most sense to. “But top on,” Joey added, belatedly realizing he hadn’t properly answered the question even if Gene hadn’t properly answered it either, “I got ya. So time we got some leaf-baby-man ingredients then, ey?” With that, the Draco started walking towards where all the pots and bits were at, still holding Eugene’s hand. Being from a place where physical contact was the norm, it hadn’t occurred to him to let go, and even if it had, he probably wouldn’t have minded enough to do so, anyways. Holding hands wasn’t a big deal.

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    Eugene knew he was going to be a great dad. He had lots of experience with dads. There was Greg Walker (Brandy’s dad). Greg liked sports and came to visit once a year at Thanksgiving. He always let... more
    • Reckon that's a question only you can answer - Joseph Blair, Wed Mar 13 15:58
      • Eugene’s head hurt. He had thought Joey’s English was improving- like Eugene had definitely understood the first three words out of his friends mouth but, after that everything started to get muddled ... more
        • Leave me out of it! - Joey, Fri Mar 15 19:12
          Wait, what? “I don’t give a carp if it’s a bloke or not,” Joey informed his partner. “It’s just a leaf. And the proffy said that one’s--” he pointed at the leshy named Klaus “--a he , so.” They’d... more
          • Fine. But I'll outgrow you - Eugene, Sat Mar 16 09:46
            “But, you are mad when you whack things,” Eugene insisted, once again zoning in on the only word Joey said that made sense. He had to remind himself that it wasn’t Joey’s fault that he was making... more
            • But whyyyy please stopppp - Joey, Mon Mar 25 22:21
              Bewildered at the change in topic, Joey shook his head frowningly. “Mate, I speak well as you. I’m ‘strayan, not full yella, ya racist. I don’t need ya to teach me words or what.” If his tone of... more
              • Fine. But only cause you asked nicely - Eugene, Fri Mar 29 17:19
                Eugene understood that Joey was proud of his English- and rightly so. Sometimes Joey fooled Eugene enough that he thought the boy was a native speaker but then he’d toss out some foreign word and... more
                • *cue intense relief* - Joey, Sat Apr 6 22:07
                  It seemed his turn round hadn’t been fast enough, cos instead of ‘terpreting it to mean convo-closed, as Joey had intended, Gene did a sorta gaspy squeaky voice and went off exclaiming how terrible... more
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