But I did!
Thu Mar 14, 2019 19:21

Gigi gave half a point of credit (because yes, credit came in points and needed to be earned) to Norah for the attempt at return mockery. She almost wished she did find a worm so she could feed it to Norah - people should learn not to joke about stuff they couldn’t swallow… haha, literally - but alas the dirt was squirmer free. And also all over the bench now, but that was someone’s problem, and that someone was not named Georgina Philpott. “You are very welcome,” the Aquila proclaimed, enunciating each word clearly, spreading on a thick layer of pretension.

Leaving Norah to clear up the mess she’d made, Gigi turned back to her own soil and seeds, and began the planting ritual as their lickable professor had demonstrated earlier on in the class. She dug a little hold with her pre-grimed fingers, and deposited the pine cone and acorn nestled together in their cozy little bed of soil before covering them with a blanket of, well, more soil. She never claimed to be good at poetry. It seemed like it should be a momentous occasion, honoured with a limerick at the very least: she was about to create life. It was cool, and wildly irresponsible. What was Anders thinking? Georgina now had the power to make armies of leaf creatures. There was actually nothing much to stop her, as soon as she was of age; pinecones and acorns didn’t litter the floor of RMI’s “outdoor” (she imagined Fell saying that, air quotes and all) spaces, so she guessed they didn’t occur “naturally” here. However, they were all over the place at home. Did leshies make good pets?

Her elaborate scheme planning was interrupted as Norah needed her help again. Just to pass the water this time. That was fair, Gigi couldn’t judge her for that (well, she could, but it would be petty). The Aquila reached for the watering can, and as she scraped it unceremoniously across the bench, she did consider that Norah had asked for the water, not the can. It would be sweet to just drench her classmate, but she’d teased Norah enough for one day. The wimpier girl hadn’t done anything to warrant drowning, even in jest. “Here,” Gigi passed the can, spinning the handle so Norah could grasp it more easily. “I haven’t checked it for creepy crawlies,” she added, just to be thorough.

  • You shouldn't have - Norah, Tue Mar 12 19:02
    Norah wasn’t stupid. Neither was she a total priss. So when Georgina Philpott responded to her plea, the Lyra found herself wishing that she hadn’t asked at all. What was worse than being made fun... more
    • But I did! - Georgina, Thu Mar 14 19:21
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