Eh, maybe.
Tue Apr 16, 2019 15:11

A smile cracked on her face, and she sighed. "Thank you, I appreciate the vote of support," Deagret replied. "I'm planning to enter this piece in the Talent Show gallery, so hopefully I'll have it done soon."

She glanced at him then, and raised an eyebrow smoothly. "Yeah, I remember. What, you find a way to make it happen? Or are you here to tell me the bad news?" Dea cleaned off her brush then, and dipped into a light yellow. There had to be something she could do to make the painting a little more magical! For God's sake, she was witch after all!

She wondered if there was a spell she could use to make the scene active--make it actually move. Deagret could see it now: the pines swaying with the wind, the stars blinking softly in the sky. Maybe she could do some reading in the Art section of the library...

"If you think it's too risky, or you couldn't find out how to sneak me in, it's okay," she said with a shrug, drumming her brush back and forth between her fingers. "I ended up finding a pretty nice studio in the Theater with a ton of mirrors and a nice flooring, so I'm pretty satisfied with it. Plus, I really enjoy painting out here--it's quieter, and closer to nature."

  • But you could be in Lyra. - Jake, Sun Apr 14 10:07
    Debatable you can pretty much tell I'm trying too hard. I feel like I'm over thinking it, and now it's gonna turn out boring. But hey, how are you?" Dea said causing Jake to smile. "It looks great to ... more
    • Eh, maybe. - Dea, Tue Apr 16 15:11
      • Aww C'mon! - Jake, Sun Apr 21 11:41
        Dea smiled, and Jake grinned back. "Well, I'm sure you'll get a top reward...if they give out awards for a talent show gallery. I'm not really sure how that goes." Jake replied wondering if talent... more
        • Hmm, maybe... - Deagret, Mon Apr 22 21:37
          "I'm not sure either," Dea replied with a shrug. "But this is just for fun anyway. I'm just doing this so that I can practice a bit. I'm not expecting to win anything, but if there is a prize...well, ... more
          • Great! - Jake, Sat May 4 09:17
            Jake laughed when Dea said that she wouldn't be upset if there was a prize. He wouldn't be upset about prizes either, but Jake would much rather have cash. Cash meant savings to get new shoes and if... more
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