Aww C'mon!
Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:41

Dea smiled, and Jake grinned back. "Well, I'm sure you'll get a top reward...if they give out awards for a talent show gallery. I'm not really sure how that goes." Jake replied wondering if talent shows were judged. It wouldn't really be fair after all it was a talent show, not a talent competition. The first year didn't really care after all he didn't have a talent he wanted to showcase to the school.

Dea arched a brow at Jake when he asked about their first class together and then she asked what he had found out. When she asked if it was too risky, Jake shook his head. "No, but you'll just have to pretend you belong. My idea is I just show you how to get into Lyra and boom your in." He smiled. It was risky, but he kind of hoped Dea would be down. "I dunno what your head of house stated but mine only said we couldn't get into the girls' dorms. Do you think they'd warn us if we tried to sneak someone into our commons? No, because we aren't supposed to want to do that."

When Dea stated she had found a nice studio in the theater and she liked painting out here Jake frowned. This was not what he wanted to hear. "Yeah but are either of those places packed with free paint, paper or chalk like the studios in Lyra are?" Jake wasn't actually sure if they were, he had seen that stuff in the studios a few times. He assumed someone hadn't just left their stuff there after all anyone could enter the studios at any time.

  • Eh, maybe. - Dea, Tue Apr 16 15:11
    A smile cracked on her face, and she sighed. "Thank you, I appreciate the vote of support," Deagret replied. "I'm planning to enter this piece in the Talent Show gallery, so hopefully I'll have it... more
    • Aww C'mon! - Jake, Sun Apr 21 11:41
      • Hmm, maybe... - Deagret, Mon Apr 22 21:37
        "I'm not sure either," Dea replied with a shrug. "But this is just for fun anyway. I'm just doing this so that I can practice a bit. I'm not expecting to win anything, but if there is a prize...well, ... more
        • Great! - Jake, Sat May 4 09:17
          Jake laughed when Dea said that she wouldn't be upset if there was a prize. He wouldn't be upset about prizes either, but Jake would much rather have cash. Cash meant savings to get new shoes and if... more
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