Nick Holtz [Draco]
That sounds like an unsatisfying dinner
Wed Jan 18, 2017 14:46

Before Magizoobotany, Nick had taken the opportunity to do a couple of laps around the Quidditch Pitch. The sun was high in the sky and even though it was technically not the real sun - they were underground - that didn’t prevent it from being hot out. Ten minutes before class, Nick landed and stored his broom in the shed, taking the opportunity to say a quick charm and pour water all over himself.

Wet blonde hair plastered to his head and with the shoulders of his gray t-shirt obviously damp, Nick picked up his red backpack and walked through the forest to the outdoor classroom. Magizoobotany wasn’t always held there, but it usually was, and whenever it was Nick took the time for a quick practice. The more time he spent on a broom the better he’d be, and the more likely they would be to win the Quidditch cup. Of course, they didn’t stand a very good chance this year - both Lyra and Aquila had competitive teams - but that didn’t mean that he was going to give up! At the very least, he was determined to take out at least one of Frankie’s players.

When Nick arrived at the outdoor classroom he noticed that the benches had been pushed away from where they usually were and that there was a row of cages with...fire spurting out of them. Uh-oh. Professor Bennett was eccentric but he usually stopped short of literally setting them on fire. It seemed as though this particular class was going to challenge his record though.

When Professor Bennett started speaking, Nick was momentarily confused. They were going to save lives? Were there fires somewhere caused by these things and they had to put them or or something? Or - no, no, Bennett was talking about the actual animals they would be handling today. Fire crabs. They were pretty (and apparently used for cauldrons?) but there were few things that the Draco had been less inclined to touch in his life. And apparently, not only were they supposed to touch the little flamethrowers, but they were supposed to feed them too? Nick looked around at his classmates. Did nobody think Bennett had gone even more off his rocker than usual? No? Okay then.

Well, Bennett had directed them to get into groups so Nick looked around again to see his options. Frankie wasn’t in this class, otherwise he’d have an instant partner. Instead, there were people partnering up around him. Suddenly, a voice from surprisingly close behind him -

”Want to partner up?”

“Sure,” Nick said, turning around.

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    • That sounds like an unsatisfying dinner - Nick Holtz [Draco], Wed Jan 18 14:46
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