Food? Aw, heck yeah!
Tue Apr 23, 2019 17:23

Deagret held back her wince--she admittedly had never seen Gigi before, not even in class, and honestly, it made her feel more than a little bit guilty.

To be fair though, Deagret was very much an attentive student, even when she was doodling on her notes or highlighting things unnecessarily just because she wanted to add a bit of colors to her study guides (especially when the other non-muggleborn students looked at her funny and asked her "What in the name of Merlin are those things?". She always got a kick out of their confusion). Sometimes, she'd even do that thing she and her friends from elementary school would do with their pens and highlighters and pretend to paint little designs on her nails, before wiping them away with the pads of her fingers. But yes, even when she was "messing around" she was still listening to whatever the professor was saying, though sometimes she did daydream a little bit, but it rarely got out of hand.

But no, she'd never seen Gigi in class before, had never even just barely glimpsed the older girl, and it made her embarrassed that the dark-haired second year already knew who she was And then Gigi's question pulled her from her thoughts.

"Nah, I don't need gloves," she said with a quick smiled before reaching down and snatching up the veggies, her nails already gathering dirt underneath them. And then Gigi caught her attention and the words "bad color match" rang across her mind. Deagret was sure the second-year hadn't meant it meanly--in fact, it seemed more like she was just trying to alert her to the mess on her face.

Besides, Dea had been raised to have thick skin.

Even when it was covered in paint that clashed with her red hair.

And she certainly wasn't going to let a few little words upset her or possibly ruin a budding friendship.

So, Deagret shot Gigi a smile and shrugged nonchalantly. "I was painting for the talent show gallery before I remembered this meeting. So technically, I just came back from war. Unfortunately, it's still undetermined whether the painting won or I did." She said with a laugh, rubbing at the oil stains on her face before realizing that that was most certainly a mistake, because it was only smearing the blues and yellows and pinks and blacks further into her skin.

  • There is also food involved - Georgina, Wed Apr 17 08:10
    Deagret was one of the new firsties. She introduced herself, even though Gigi made it her business to put names to faces of all the newbies within the first couple of weeks of term. How could she... more
    • Food? Aw, heck yeah! - Deagret, Tue Apr 23 17:23
      • Itís not very appetising - Gigi, Thu Apr 25 05:07
        Point to Gigi for deducing Deagret was not a glove wearing gal when it came to gardening. In fact she just sort of delved into the veggie patch, getting herself unnecessarily grubby. Gigi was no... more
        • Well, that's a let down. - Deagret, Mon Apr 29 19:19
          Deagret was prone to causing chaos wherever she went--whether it was digging in dirt, or painting, or old sticky notes that fell from her books and onto the floors of the castle in numbers at a time. ... more
          • Let's re-inflate it - Gigi, Thu May 2 14:16
            Yeah Gigi didnít really get painting. In fact she didnít really get anything that required putting in a lot of effort. Deagret being without her particular paints and brushes that she needed sound... more
            • Can--can we do that? Is that legal? - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:29
              "I'm from Massachusetts. Great in the summertime. But winter comes fast, and the snow even faster so growing stuff can be a little precarious. Last year, we got a foot of snow before Halloween," she... more
              • Who said I cared about legal? - Gigi, Sun May 19 15:50
                ďI'm from Massachusetts,Ē Deagret said, and Gigi inwardly swore. Okay she knew where Colorado was, because, hi, living there. There was a Washington city one side and a Washington state the other.... more
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