It’s not very appetising
Thu Apr 25, 2019 05:07

Point to Gigi for deducing Deagret was not a glove wearing gal when it came to gardening. In fact she just sort of delved into the veggie patch, getting herself unnecessarily grubby. Gigi was no expert, by any means, but the food they were picking in grew above the ground, not in it. She guessed the first year was just one of those people that made a mess spontaneously occur wherever they went: it explained the paint on her face.

Shrugging, Gigi grabbed one of the empty tubs that looked like it was made of woven grass or something, and dumped it on the ground between herself and Deagret. Letting the messy child dig around in the dirt, the Aquila reached instead for the beans, working from vines close to the other girl. She didn’t know her, but picking beans with someone sounded way less lame than picking beans alone.

It was a wrench not to tease her pocket-sized partner. Deagret was losing a battle to a painting - and not an arsehole of a portrait like that Alex Edwards tosser, but something she was actually making herself do for pleasure - and she was submitting it to the talent show, which was guaranteed social suicide. With great effort, Gigi said, “Painting, huh?” and left her opinions about the talent show unspoken. She expected to receive her halo any moment. “I’ve never been into any artsy crap.” She threw a couple of beans into the tub. “I mean I doodle tattoos with a biro in every single one,” she emphasised the words, “of Boot’s classes but that’s just to stay sane, you know?”

Although, “I’ve never been into growing veggies, either,” she admitted, peering critically at the runner beans in her fist before dropping them dispassionately into the tub with the others, “but a girl’s got to do something to fill her time, right?”

  • Food? Aw, heck yeah! - Deagret, Tue Apr 23 17:23
    Deagret held back her wince--she admittedly had never seen Gigi before, not even in class, and honestly, it made her feel more than a little bit guilty. To be fair though, Deagret was very much an... more
    • It’s not very appetising - Gigi, Thu Apr 25 05:07
      • Well, that's a let down. - Deagret, Mon Apr 29 19:19
        Deagret was prone to causing chaos wherever she went--whether it was digging in dirt, or painting, or old sticky notes that fell from her books and onto the floors of the castle in numbers at a time. ... more
        • Let's re-inflate it - Gigi, Thu May 2 14:16
          Yeah Gigi didn’t really get painting. In fact she didn’t really get anything that required putting in a lot of effort. Deagret being without her particular paints and brushes that she needed sound... more
          • Can--can we do that? Is that legal? - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:29
            "I'm from Massachusetts. Great in the summertime. But winter comes fast, and the snow even faster so growing stuff can be a little precarious. Last year, we got a foot of snow before Halloween," she... more
            • Who said I cared about legal? - Gigi, Sun May 19 15:50
              “I'm from Massachusetts,” Deagret said, and Gigi inwardly swore. Okay she knew where Colorado was, because, hi, living there. There was a Washington city one side and a Washington state the other.... more
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