Let's re-inflate it
Thu May 2, 2019 14:16

Yeah Gigi didn’t really get painting. In fact she didn’t really get anything that required putting in a lot of effort. Deagret being without her particular paints and brushes that she needed sound like she did have some - maybe even loads - at school, just not all of them. Georgina had been a preschooler in her life - or, she’d been that age, anyway, once upon a time - so she knew that painting with a great big thick brush was different from painting with a teeny little brush that had half its bristles missing, but beyond that she didn’t see the need for masses of equipment. Unless the person was some sort of professional painter or something, but Deagret was twelve at most. She must be really into this painting thing. Gigi tried to embrace that about her. It was not easy.

The firstie talked about helping her Dad in the garden, which was sweet. Gigi liked doing stuff with her Dad too, when he wasn’t being totally useless (which was an alarmingly large proportion of the time). She would probably help him grow stuff if they did that at home, before she got bored and wandered off. “We liked growing our own fruits and vegetables. Though, it was a little hard, due to the climate.”

“Yeah?” Gigi was genuinely curious for the first time this conversation. Her accent probably identified her as a Brit, so now she wondered if she was the only foreigner in this conversation. “Where are you from?” Could just be some desolate part of America, of course: there were deserts and lakes here bigger than her entire country, so climate could easily be an issue for a native, but then the girl was also called Deagret. It wasn’t a name Georgina had ever come across before.

After she received an answer, Gigi followed up with, “You miss your folks back home? First year can be a shock to the system. I mean, not for me,” she hastily clarified, snapping a couple of beans from their vine, “my folks are batshit crazy and I’m well pleased to be rid of them most of the year.” She grinned and winked to show Deagret she was only being semi-serious (she was being a lot serious, just not entirely). “But yeah, it can take some getting used to. You holding up okay? Making friends and all that jazz?”

  • Well, that's a let down. - Deagret, Mon Apr 29 19:19
    Deagret was prone to causing chaos wherever she went--whether it was digging in dirt, or painting, or old sticky notes that fell from her books and onto the floors of the castle in numbers at a time. ... more
    • Let's re-inflate it - Gigi, Thu May 2 14:16
      • Can--can we do that? Is that legal? - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:29
        "I'm from Massachusetts. Great in the summertime. But winter comes fast, and the snow even faster so growing stuff can be a little precarious. Last year, we got a foot of snow before Halloween," she... more
        • Who said I cared about legal? - Gigi, Sun May 19 15:50
          “I'm from Massachusetts,” Deagret said, and Gigi inwardly swore. Okay she knew where Colorado was, because, hi, living there. There was a Washington city one side and a Washington state the other.... more
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