Can--can we do that? Is that legal?
Thu May 16, 2019 20:29

"I'm from Massachusetts. Great in the summertime. But winter comes fast, and the snow even faster so growing stuff can be a little precarious. Last year, we got a foot of snow before Halloween," she replied with a shrug. "I'm guessing that you're not from America, what with the accent. What's the story behind that? Your family move here or something"

Deagret placed her somewhere in the UK. Probably somewhere in Britain, and more than probably somewhere Dea hadn't even heard of. She remembered reading something once that said that the UK was full of different dialects, and that someone from a different part of the country might not have the same accent as someone from London, for instance.

She tried to stifle her laugh, but was having a hard time doing so. "Yeah, I do, but it's been pretty okay so far. I've got my cat, so at least I've got something from back home. And I guess so. I made a few friends, so I haven't been too lonely, but it does get hard. I miss my brother, even though he graduated from RMI like a year or so ago. What about you? Miss anyone in particular from back home?"

  • Let's re-inflate it - Gigi, Thu May 2 14:16
    Yeah Gigi didnít really get painting. In fact she didnít really get anything that required putting in a lot of effort. Deagret being without her particular paints and brushes that she needed sound... more
    • Can--can we do that? Is that legal? - Deagret, Thu May 16 20:29
      • Who said I cared about legal? - Gigi, Sun May 19 15:50
        ďI'm from Massachusetts,Ē Deagret said, and Gigi inwardly swore. Okay she knew where Colorado was, because, hi, living there. There was a Washington city one side and a Washington state the other.... more
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