Georgina Philpott
Easy there, lover boy
Mon Jun 17, 2019 04:51

She would swear she literally just adapted back to her native UK timezone then she had to whirl herself back to RMI again, resigned to up her sleeping pattern for the next couple of weeks. Astronomy was a bitch. The class was held in the dark, in what already felt like the small hours of the morning. Georgina yawned widely, snuggling down deeper into her fleece-lined, oversized hoodie. She wasn’t really cold in her appropriate layers, but the chill and the tiredness combined made her shivery and in need of comfort. Georgina shuffled along the bench until she was alongside the student seated next to her: her raised hood over a mane of wild brown curls prevented her from seeing who it was. “Penguin up, I need body heat,” she said as Ramirez turned out the light, extinguishing her wand any chance Gigi had of identifying her neighbour.

The benches in the outdoor classroom weren’t great for this subject, Gigi thought, tilting her neck uncomfortably back to look up at the stars and the effects of the spell. There should be loungers or reclining chairs to be viewing the heavens. Of course she would be even more likely to fall asleep in class in that case. Maybe that’s why the professor kept it cold and uncomfortable out here? That clever bitch.

The assignment actually sounded achievable. Just one spell to know, zero constellations to correctly identify; just playing with pictures and lines in the sky. Gigi thought she could manage that. Assuming, of course, she didn’t fall asleep once she was nestled on a blanket with her personal radiator of choice. She didn’t give a crap about naming the constellations or making up a legend (although that scene from Shrek did slip to the forefront of her mind. Would Ramirez accept the tale of an ogre and villagers running away from his stench as legit?) but maybe her partner would help with that. Or not. Gigi didn’t care about extra credit, anyway.

The second year plucked her blank star chart from the air. Too tired to bother hunting for anyone in particular, she turned to the body she was already snuggled against. The body promptly got up and moved before the Aquila could even ask to work together. Rude. Also unfortunate, because now she had to put in effort to find another source of heat. Shining lit wands around was dumbassery at its finest, with a high likelihood of blinding your partner and pissing them off before the assignment even started, so Gigi reluctantly unfolded herself from the bench and grabbed a blanket - she was hoping to partner someone who already had one, so they could ‘accidentally’ have a spare - before shuffling over to the starlit clearing where other beginner students were starting to set up.

A call of, “Hey! I got a spot ready,” let Gigi know the skinny kid spreading the blanket out was lover boy Phippen before her eyes could confirm it. The tech nerd was obnoxious and he was unlikely to do any of the work for her, but he did make her laugh. Often unintentionally. Sure, whatever, he would do.

“Yeah its a hazard of puberty,” she quipped, letting her bag drop into the blanket where the second year soon followed it. “Didn’t think you were there yet. Congrats.”

She shivered again, wishing she knew how to cast a warming charm and wondering why that wasn’t one of the spells taught earlier on considering all the beginners had to be outside at night at least once every goddamn week. She had on thick, knee-length socks, leather ankle boots, black skinny jeans, a long-sleeved red jersey dress, a black sweater and her purple fleece lined hoodie. Merlin she hoped she wasn’t getting sick. That would bite.

“Cozy on over,” Gigi instructed Elliot; she could already feel the cold sleeping through the blanket. “I’ve got an extra blanket but I’m sodding freezing.” Not that Elliot’s skeletal figure would offer much warmth. They’d just been two skinny teens in a blanket sandwich.

  • Stargaze and chill? - Elliot Phippen, Sun Jun 16 17:34
    Unfortunately Astronomy was one of the Muggle-est classes at RMI, and that was practically a crime in Elliot’s eyes. Nothing against Muggles (obviously), or astronomy itself. Stars were cool. Space... more
    • Easy there, lover boy - Georgina Philpott , Mon Jun 17 04:51
      • It was just a suggestion! - Elliot, Thu Jun 20 17:04
        Elliot always knew when Gigi was making fun of him. Here was how you could tell: if Gigi was talking to Elliot, then she was making fun of him. Also he suspected that when Gigi was talking to... more
        • It's not a BAD suggestion - Georgina, Thu Jun 20 17:56
          Gigi was excited about even the tiny amount of body heat that tech nerd’s tiny body could offer as he scooted over. He put his arm around her which was weird but fine, and she started to tug the... more
          • So is it a good one? - Elliot, Wed Jun 26 00:16
            Gigi swooned Elliot right the hell onto the ground and pulled her blanket over them. So at least this was warmer, although the ground was still kind of cold through the blanket they were lying on.... more
            • Time will tell - Gigi, Thu Jun 27 15:45
              Tech nerd was proving very difficult to annoy this evening. He thanked her for her tease about zits, and he snorted at her declaration of affection. There was no fun in teasing a person if they... more
              • Tick tock - Elliot, Sat Jun 29 10:47
                A kiss on the nose was about 0.5 out of ten possible chili peppers, in terms of spiciness. But Elliot’s brain short circuited a little anyway, because um what? Since when did Gigi kiss him? He knew... more
                • Verdict is in - Gigi, Tue Jul 2 15:12
                  Holy crap. Who knew tech nerd had the balls to just go for it like that? One moment he was making penguins in the stars. The next, hello, he was kissing his classmate, and not on her nose. Gigi was... more
                  • What is it? - Elliot, Fri Jul 5 15:07
                    A moment in, Elliot realized that this was his first kiss. Not that that made a difference, or that he had any use for that information, but now he knew. In terms of first kiss settings, “on a picnic ... more
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