Sorsha Nolan [Lyra]
I don't even want to try cooking one
Wed Jan 18, 2017 16:47

Fire crabs. Sorsha was digesting the information with an interested look on her face as Professor Bennett explained exactly what they were doing this lesson. While the Lyra was certainly less enthusiastic about the crustacean, the fire bit was out of this world. The seventh-year was passionate about dragons and well, dragons also breathed fire. It made the lesson more interesting for the female. Plus, she got a chance to don the dragon hide protective gear (while that was totally unfair to dragons) it would at least keep part of her from getting singed.

The cages were spitting fire and the Lyra couldn’t help but wonder how the mixture had come to be in the first place. Crustaceans were predominantly water creatures, but as the professor described them, it seemed like water proved to be an issue for them. The Lyra raised her eyebrows at the notion that they needed to not only get close to them, but feed them. And to top it all off it was mating season too? Dear lord this was bound to be more interesting than Sorsha had bargained for. It would be a miracle if she made it out of there with both of her eyebrows.

At least they couldn’t fly. Combustible flying fire crabs was not something that Sorsha ever wanted to encounter.

“Wanna partner up?” She asked a nearby person, said student turning out to be her best friend’s twin. Thankfully, he agreed and Sorsha nodded in relief. He was at least another older student that tolerated her presence.

The group had what seemed like little warning before the cages opened, even though Professor Bennett had made it obvious that was what would happen. Of course, Sorsha wasn’t sure that she was ready for it either way. The fire crabs were charging and unfortunately, the seventh year was right in one’s path. Without a second thought, her wand was drawn and pointed at the nearing animal. “Immobulus.” She uttered, watching as the rampaging crab froze in place. The Lyra moved back towards where other students were working. Once far away enough from the original crab, the witch gave a muttered finite incantatem and the crab was free to roam once more.

“Alright,” she muttered softly to herself, trying not to jump back as another crab neared her. This was something she could handle, after all they were just crabs. “Just crabs,” she repeated to herself, pulling on her hide gloves. With a shaky exhale she took a step towards the creatures. “Just like mini dragons that scuttle and have pinchers. Less teeth, same fire. Dragons, small ones, but creepier. Right.” The Lyra glanced over to the side, eyes landing on her partned. “So Nick,” she said, simultaneously keeping an eye on the crab moving closer to her and the Draco who was just a foot or so in front of her.

As a spurt of fire came out of it and towards her, the Lyra’s eyes widened and she swallowed. Just giant crab-dragons. It was fine. “Got any ideas on this one?” Sorsha had an idea or two, but she wanted to know what Nick thought on the matter. She didn’t care whether she distracted it or fed it, either way she was definitely going to hate crabs more after this.

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    • I don't even want to try cooking one - Sorsha Nolan [Lyra], Wed Jan 18 16:47
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