Like a diamond in the sky
Wed Jun 19, 2019 18:04

Eugene was trying to like Elliot’s female friends.

Eugene trusted Elliot’s judgment on just about everything which meant that even if girls like Elisa were normally giggling about you behind your back and planning the best way to stuff eggs in your pillowcase that didn’t mean all girls were sneaky snails. So. Even though he’d rather work with Elliot or Joey - who were always lots of fun and never made Eugene feel silly - he decided that partnering up with Sadie might be a good idea since snacks were awesome and she seemed nice. Although, he had thought Kit and Jesse and Anssi were nice at first too...

But he’d learned his lesson from all that and he was going to listen to his gut more because he’d clearly not been doing that enough. Like, Eugene didn’t think he’d bothered listening for tummy rumbles when he’d talked to Jesse at the party but if he HAD then he’d have heard the warning rumbles telling him that something was waaay off about Jesse - and the whole party - and none of the bad stuff would ever have happened. This time he made sure to strain his ears as Sadie was talking and removed his hand from his mouth so that he might poke his belly a few times to encourage his gut to voice any misgivings it might have. Nothing happened.

Eugene smiled.

Sadie was definitely the better of Elliot’s two main girlfriends. She always had awesome shoes which was a real bonus in any friend and she wasn’t as scary as Gigi. Then it was decided. Eugene was going to take the risk.

“OK! But you have to swear on the life of a- of a ladybird. Yup, that’s it. You gotta swear on a ladybird that the food is not poisoned.” Eugene took a moment to stare smugly at Sadie confident that he had found the perfect way to screen any future foes. No one would wanna hurt a little baby ladybird. They were too adorable - even an evil mastermind like Anssi would balk at the thought of taking one’s life.

Pleased with the progression of the lesson so far, Eugene leapt to his feet and draped his blanket on the ground before flinging himself backwards without much thought and hitting his head on the ground with a THUMP. “Ouch,” he cried, looking up at Sadie, features arranged in a state of surprise. “The is not as spongy as it looks. Maaaybe, you should make a big blanket pile before you try it.”

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    • Like a diamond in the sky - Eugene, Wed Jun 19 18:04
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