To you but not to me.
Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:29

Quinn looked over at the boy and realized his clothes were what Mama would call 'well-worn,' but that didn't mean this boy wasn't what she was looking for. After all, perhaps he too had dirty class clothes he just tended to be more worn out since he had been at RMI a while.

The boy who introduced himself as Jesse had a sweet smile and Quinn relaxed a bit. Boys at Chatham never smiled nicely. It was always sinister because they weren't the nicest boys alive. When he said, he was a third-year, Quinn's smile widened.

"Oh great, I am too! Well, a third year, I'm in Cetus." She said as she sat down on the blanket. She knew better than to put her dirty shoes on the blanket so as Jesse spoke more, Quinn pulled off her ballet flats and set them off the blanket. It felt a bit odd to be preparing to lay on a blanket next to a boy she just met and stargaze. It felt a bit more romantic than it should. The Cetus wondered if the Professor had thought of that?

When Jesse stated she was from the South, she nodded. "I am from the South, Savannah, Georgia, as a matter of fact." She loved Savannah; it was a beautiful city, and the third year already missed it just a tiny bit. But she swallowed down those thoughts. Father had told her to be strong and to make the Walker family proud and she would.

When he asked if they had moved and was that why she had changed schools, Jesse was digging around in his backpack. Quinn had taken a notepad from her pristine crossbody bag and pen. "No, I attended Chatham Academy of Magic a private day school in Savannah. It wasn't challenging me enough, and Father thought an IWCE school would serve me better." She stated as she pulled her brown into a ponytail. Fully ready to lie down, she waited for Jesse.

When he welcomed her to RMI, she smiled. "Thank you! You are so sweet. Are you ready?" she asked, indicating that she was ready to lie down. Quinn didn't want to be the first person to lie down, after all, she didn't want to seem to willing.

  • No facts are entirely useless - Jesse, Tue Jun 18 15:05
    (OOC: I had imagined Jesse still at the benches - ‘he stood abruptly [and] turned to another student’ - but you’ve said that Quinn spread out a blanket before Jesse asked her. I’ll run with your... more
    • To you but not to me. - Quinn , Fri Jun 21 12:29
      • Quinn was also in third year, which for some illogical reason felt auspicious: her yeargroup only denoted the period of time in which she was born, as RMI years were dependent on age, unless a... more
        • Apologies - Quinn, Mon Jul 1 17:21
          When Jesse let her know he was from Minnesota Quinn's eyes lit up. She knew that Minnesota was got cold and actually snowed like a lot. She had seen it snow in Savannah once or twice but it was never ... more
          • I forgive you - Jesse, Thu Jul 4 15:08
            Jesse knew that the weather was warmer in the south, because it was closer to the equator and therefore more proximal to the sun, but he had not given a great deal of consideration before to what... more
            • Yay! - Quinn, Wed Jul 10 07:18
              Quinn had to admit she was really enjoying getting to know Jesse. So far he was a nice boy who could make a good companion here at RMI. She just wished she could tell if her fellow third year was a... more
              • Here's more useless knowledge - Jesse, Thu Jul 11 15:13
                Quinn responded positively to Jesse’s offer of help - she said, “Fantastic,” which, unless a person was being sarcastic, was always a good thing… or no, actually, sometimes it meant incredible or... more
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