There are giants in the sky!
Fri Jun 21, 2019 17:57

OK! But you have to swear on the life of a- of a ladybird.

Sadie blinked brown eyes at Eugene and felt her head tilting ever so slightly to the side. What? She didn’t know if there was such a thing as a ladybird. There was some lady in American History named Lady Bird (power to her for having that name and doing politics - Sadie knew very little about American politics because she dgaf, but she had a feeling that doing anything as a Woman with a funny name must have sucked), but Eugene clearly wasn’t talking about that.

She opened up one of the baggies of potato chips she’d snatched from the Diner, reached in, and popped one into her mouth. “Not poisoned,” she confirmed through a mouthful of very salty potato, “I swear on a ladybird.”

This seemed to convince Eugene, and thank Merlin she’d already chewed and swallowed her snack or else she might have choked. The boy jumped up into the air and purposely landed on his back. He hit his head with a big THUMP that Sadie swore she felt in her bones. It was in that moment that the Cetus understood why Eugene and Elliot got along: he was also an impulsive dumbass.

“Yeah, definitely didn’t sound spongey, either.” Sadie dropped the variety of bagged snacks onto the blanket (one or two may have landed on Eugene, some details about this just weren’t that important) and left a spot for herself. She pulled her robes out of her small backpack and placed them on the ground to use as a pillow.

“It’s freezing,” she whined after a moment. She could feel the cold ground through the blanket, and it made her shiver. “I can’t focus on stars when all I can think about is how cold it is.”

  • Like a diamond in the sky - Eugene, Wed Jun 19 18:04
    Eugene was trying to like Elliot’s female friends. Eugene trusted Elliot’s judgment on just about everything which meant that even if girls like Elisa were normally giggling about you behind your... more
    • There are giants in the sky! - Sadie, Fri Jun 21 17:57
      • Fee-fi-fo-fum - Eugene, Sun Jun 30 10:27
        Eugene wanted to believe that Sadie was his newest bestest friend, but he had never had a girlfriend before so, he couldn’t say if they were an honest non-poisoning sort of people. Eugene's previous... more
        • Eugene also opened up one of the chips and started to eat, which meant she’d convinced him they weren’t poisoned or anything. Looked like the lady birds were safe after all. Sadie was used to dealing ... more
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