Time will tell
Thu Jun 27, 2019 15:45

Tech nerd was proving very difficult to annoy this evening. He thanked her for her tease about zits, and he snorted at her declaration of affection. There was no fun in teasing a person if they weren’t even bothered by it. There was no fun in teasing a person who got really upset either, for the record: it was a delicate balance to strike and the Aquila thought she usually strolled along that fine line with ease. But right now Phippen’s face was sporting that stupid, lopsided, goofy grin that grated on Gigi’s nerves.

She gave up on attacking him, since she clearly wasn’t getting far down that well-beaten track today, and instead decided to practise what she preached: she gave the class assignment a try. Peering up into the pretty damn good impression of the night sky, all Georgina saw was a scattering of twinkly stars. It was pretty, and mystical, and all that shit, but nothing immediately inspired her with an image, much less a legend. Her partner didn’t take long to come up with something, and for half a second Gigi thought tech nerd’s talents surpassed her own. The sensation was short-lived. She didn’t know much about psychology, but here they were cuddling together for warmth, and her lover boy saw a penguin in the stars.

Deep. Original. Not.

“Yeah, okay, not bad,” she conceded. The collection of stars Elliot traced with his wand looked more like a penguin than the constellation of Orion looked like an archer, so she wasn’t judging. Not on his skills at play dot-to-dot with stars, anyway.

Elliot rolled over onto his side. “What do you see?” He had to be kidding, right?

“Well, I was on the brink of figuring out an epic scene of wizards scarpering from a rampaging troll,” she lied without even bothering to try sounding sincere. “Now all I can see is a skinny pre-teen with a wonky smile.

Smirking a little herself, Gigi was overcome with the urge to boop his nose, which was only a centimetre or two from her own, but neither of her hands was free to boop: one was curled around Elliot and the other was squished between them against the ground blanket. Instead she did the next best thing she could think of and kissed the end of his nose. “The stars are prettier but I guess this isn’t a bad view,” she simpered.

  • So is it a good one? - Elliot, Wed Jun 26 00:16
    Gigi swooned Elliot right the hell onto the ground and pulled her blanket over them. So at least this was warmer, although the ground was still kind of cold through the blanket they were lying on.... more
    • Time will tell - Gigi, Thu Jun 27 15:45
      • Tick tock - Elliot, Sat Jun 29 10:47
        A kiss on the nose was about 0.5 out of ten possible chili peppers, in terms of spiciness. But Elliot’s brain short circuited a little anyway, because um what? Since when did Gigi kiss him? He knew... more
        • Verdict is in - Gigi, Tue Jul 2 15:12
          Holy crap. Who knew tech nerd had the balls to just go for it like that? One moment he was making penguins in the stars. The next, hello, he was kissing his classmate, and not on her nose. Gigi was... more
          • What is it? - Elliot, Fri Jul 5 15:07
            A moment in, Elliot realized that this was his first kiss. Not that that made a difference, or that he had any use for that information, but now he knew. In terms of first kiss settings, “on a picnic ... more
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