Tick tock
Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:47

A kiss on the nose was about 0.5 out of ten possible chili peppers, in terms of spiciness. But Elliot’s brain short circuited a little anyway, because um what? Since when did Gigi kiss him? He knew Gigi had kissed Will at Kit’s party (when Elliot had been stuck having Kit tell him all about how bad he was. Man, why did so many girls in his life relentlessly bully him? Ari, Gigi, Kit—hell, even Sadie, a lot of the time. He should ask Tycho if that was normal, ‘cause this sure hadn’t started happening until RMI) but that was a random Irish transfer at a party. Not Elliot in astronomy class.

“Yeah,” he agreed, with the last of the breath she’d surprised out of him. Elliot knew about consent. Most of the grownups around him were hardcore feminists, and they were all about consent and bodily autonomy. (Except for the time that Ari had insisted she could have gummy worms for dinner because “My body, my choice!” and Mama had been all like, “No, you’re using my parenting skills the wrong way.” Although then she had agreed it was a good loophole and that one night would probably be fine, as long as they didn’t tell Dad. Ari immediately told Dad anyway but it had been okay.)

Anyway Elliot knew you were supposed to be really goddamn sure that someone was into you before you did anything more than just friendly. Only the part of his brain that could put on a detective hat and look for evidence was still spinning circles in the install-updates-and-then-restart phase. It barely mattered anyway because Elliot was pretty sure Gigi would mock him for the rest of his life (or at least the next five and a half years) if he ruined the mood by asking for consent. Plus, she had already kissed him, so…

So Elliot kissed Gigi. He was not aiming for her nose. He had pretty good aim.

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  • Time will tell - Gigi, Thu Jun 27 15:45
    Tech nerd was proving very difficult to annoy this evening. He thanked her for her tease about zits, and he snorted at her declaration of affection. There was no fun in teasing a person if they... more
    • Tick tock - Elliot, Sat Jun 29 10:47
      • Verdict is in - Gigi, Tue Jul 2 15:12
        Holy crap. Who knew tech nerd had the balls to just go for it like that? One moment he was making penguins in the stars. The next, hello, he was kissing his classmate, and not on her nose. Gigi was... more
        • What is it? - Elliot, Fri Jul 5 15:07
          A moment in, Elliot realized that this was his first kiss. Not that that made a difference, or that he had any use for that information, but now he knew. In terms of first kiss settings, “on a picnic ... more
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