Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:27

Eugene wanted to believe that Sadie was his newest bestest friend, but he had never had a girlfriend before so, he couldn’t say if they were an honest non-poisoning sort of people. Eugene's previous experiences with girls suggested they were the sort to slip something deadly into your dinner. Indeed, on one particularly scarring occasion Elisa had hidden a very large (very dead) spider in his bolognese.

But Sadie was Elliot's old friend who had already proven herself to be much nicer than Elisa. This meant it was time for the ultimate test of friendship - and it was going to make trust falls feel safe. In a moment of madness followed by shocking levels of bravery Eugene plucked a bag of chips off his chest, and propping himself up on his elbows, popped it open before shovelling a handful into his mouth. He didn't even flinch. It was utter insanity and Eugene was unfailingly proud of himself for committing to it. Now all he had to do was wait to see if it would kill him.

“It’s freezing.”

Eugene nodded. It was cold. It was probably the ghosts and Eugene didn't know if his magic could blast through whatever demonic powers these things had thrown up. "I don't know any good warming magic. I should ask Leopold later. He knows lots of stuff and it would really help you win a snowball fight if you could stop frostbite."

Eugene was big on cuddles. He liked to start and end his day with one and Leo often obliged him in the mornings, but ever since Stallone’s passing Eugene had had an opening for late-night cuddle partner. He was thinking about getting a big teddy bear to fill the spot as bears seemed to have quite a good reputation when it came to cuddles - they wouldn't call them bear-hugs if they didn’t live up to the hype. Stallone’s cuddles had rated very low, on account of his being a rock and all, so Eugene was rather excited about the possibility of an upgrade.

Eugene thought it might be nice to give Sadie a cuddle now to warm her up and cement their new friendship, but Leo had frequently reminded him that not everyone liked hugs and hand holding as much as Eugene, and Eugene didn't know Sadie well enough to know if she was hugging type. But seeing as this was a special circumstance, and they had some stargazing to do, he thought some body contact might be acceptable.

Eugene shuffled his body closer to Sadie’s so that they might huddle together - he knew it was a good move cause it worked for all the daddy penguins in snow blizzards. He flipped onto his side so that he might see Sadie's face and smiled. "Better?"

  • There are giants in the sky! - Sadie, Fri Jun 21 17:57
    OK! But you have to swear on the life of a- of a ladybird . ” Sadie blinked brown eyes at Eugene and felt her head tilting ever so slightly to the side. What? She didn’t know if there was such a... more
    • Fee-fi-fo-fum - Eugene, Sun Jun 30 10:27
      • Eugene also opened up one of the chips and started to eat, which meant she’d convinced him they weren’t poisoned or anything. Looked like the lady birds were safe after all. Sadie was used to dealing ... more
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