Wed Jul 3, 2019 02:04

That was NOT what he meant by clean the blanket. This kid definitely wasn’t from America but he spoke English (sort of. Some of the things he said were clearly nonsense; maybe he got hit in the head). JD was clear. If this was how the kid cleaned things, he hoped to never visit his home. Or his room. Or touch his things. Disgusting.

He nearly grew pale with horror at the suggestion that the house elves didn’t clean or replace the sheets every day. Weren’t there better schools he could have been carted off to? Or Azkaban? Come on, they had to change the sheets daily in Azkaban. Maybe Mother would let him bring one of their house elves for his own use. It was the least she could do. If he got pink eye because she let him get shipped to a school that didn’t change the sheets, he’d sue for emancipation, swear to Merlin.

And what kind of kid was this if he didn’t know any cleaning spells? He clearly attended the school, had more face time with textbooks and that nerd shit than JD did. Useless. He was above this class and definitely above this interaction.

But that wasn’t the kind of thought that would get him out of here. Ugh.

“Ya always a pansy, or just a germophobe?”

His blue eyes almost rolled, and he placed a hand on his hip. “Rude. I’m new here and don’t know where any of the stuff came from. Excuse me for being used to something better.” With a grimace, he shrugged off his robes, which he’d ripped to match this particular Lewk. Most of his robes had been specially ordered to match the school uniform while also being Fashionable. He could spare one. He placed it on top of the blanket and sat down.

“So what, we look at the sky and just make stuff up?”

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    Joey deduced right quick that him trying to encourage the other boy to sit on the ground had been a waste. It still made the clearest sense to him, cos his clothes were obviously suited more to... more
    • Delusions! - JD, Wed Jul 3 02:04
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