Do you smell the blood of an Englishman?
Wed Jul 3, 2019 02:37

Eugene also opened up one of the chips and started to eat, which meant she’d convinced him they weren’t poisoned or anything. Looked like the lady birds were safe after all. Sadie was used to dealing with Kit Kendrick, so she wasn’t surprised. Between any interaction with Kit, the lovable but bratty duo that was Bobbie and Ariana, and the weirdness that sometimes overtook her best friends (Elliot was a freaking nerd and Tycho was sticky), she could handle Euguene. Probably. Theoretically.

Dear Merlin, Elliot’s friend was weird.

Sadie reached over and stole one of the chips from his bag. Satisfyingly crunchy. She could complain about a lot of things at Rocky Mountain International, but the food was something that was okay. Honestly, the food was more than okay. There hadn’t yet been a meal or a snack that she’d turned down. She couldn’t wait to be able to go to Pearl Street and eat all the snacks there, too. Of course, Aunt Cindra would totally take her if she asked, but that didn’t feel real somehow.

At least she wasn’t the only one cold. Eugene agreed, and that made her feel better. He mentioned his older brother or whatever, Leopold (what a stupid name, who hated that child so much that they named him Leopold), and she briefly remembered that she was the oldest in her family. Someday, Bobbie or Ava would want to learn things like warming charms. She’d totally teach Bobbie stuff before she came to RMI. ...or maybe she wouldn’t, she couldn’t imagine how bored she’d be if she knew all the school stuff and was stuck underground with nothing to do!

“We should totally have some kind of snowball fight competition.” Sadie picked that topic and ran with it. Anything to make life more interesting. “As soon as it snows. We could make teams and it could be like Quidditch, but with snowballs, it would be so much fun--”

Her train of thought was cut short when Eugene moved closer - she could practically touch him - and he was suddenly facing her instead of the stars. “Better?”

Well… yes, she was a little warmer with him right there. Sadie wasn’t much of a cuddler; playful wrestling was more her style. She got the feeling that wasn’t what Eugene was doing, though, so she didn’t roll over to grab him in a headlock or pin him like in The Lion King. She did return his smile and rolled onto her side, too.

“A little bit, yeah.” She moved even closer so she could complain about the staff in peace, faces just inches apart. “Why do you think they keep it so cold, anyway? Staff has control of the charms and stuff, right? If they can literally control the fake weather, then they’re totally choosing to keep it freezing.”

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum - Eugene, Sun Jun 30 10:27
    Eugene wanted to believe that Sadie was his newest bestest friend, but he had never had a girlfriend before so, he couldn’t say if they were an honest non-poisoning sort of people. Eugene's previous... more
    • Do you smell the blood of an Englishman? - Sadie, Wed Jul 3 02:37
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