I forgive you
Thu Jul 4, 2019 15:08

Jesse knew that the weather was warmer in the south, because it was closer to the equator and therefore more proximal to the sun, but he had not given a great deal of consideration before to what that meant for its occupants in terms of climatic experiences: namely that people from Georgia did not see a great deal of snow. Jesse could explain that it snowed every winter, and there was a lot of it, and it was cold but pretty and involved lots of shovelling, but unless Quinn was completely ignorant (and he had no good reason to believe that) then she would know all of this about the northern parts of the country (and indeed the world more generally). She was simply expressing a desire to experience the weather which, to her, was unusual. Tat made sense: scientific discovery was only grounded in theory that was unsubstantiated until hard evidence was offered in its support. Ergo Quinn could learn all about snow from many sources, but still not properly understand it until she had witnessed it firsthand. So while Jesse was not in a position to offer an invitation to Minnesota - even though he lived there, his parents didn’t like the Keller children bringing friends home, due, as Jesse understood it, in part to their mixed Muggle and magical heritage that would likely be perplexing to either society, and in part due to the modest size and structure of their home that made it both impractical for large numbers of guests and a sore point with his mother, whose peers, he understood, resided in grander abodes - and even if he was able to offer, he probably would not invite a person to his home that he had only just met, regardless of how nice she seemed, he simply nodded his head at her explanation.

When Jesse confessed to finding clouds easier, Quinn laughed. He did not knowing if she was laughing with him or laughing at him: it was a distinction he had never been able to make and so let the reaction pass without trying to decipher it. She confessed that she was currently, in the present moment, experiencing her first astronomy class. Jesse felt compelled to bring her up to speed on everything he had learned so far, but was ill equipped to do so without his books and notes for the past three years, many of which he’d long since lost. He retained most of the information he’d learned, so it was not an impossible goal, but it would be a very sporadic and sprawling lecture indeed if he was allowed to rely on nothing but his own frequently tangenting thoughts. “I like astronomy,” he said instead, “so if there’s anything you would like to know, or if you would like any assistance with the subject, then I would be happy for you to ask me for help.”

In complete fairness he should probably add that he was not particularly adept at the class, but again that was due to his inability to pay attention and stay on topic, not as a result of his understanding. He would pass all his examinations without trouble, so long as he remembered to answer the questions that were being asked and not those which he formulated as more interesting or rigorous alternatives, and so he was as competent a teacher as any of the other third year students. Probably. It was unlikely that Quinn would ask for credentials, anyway, Jesse consoled himself.

Before too long, Quinn traced a shape in the sky, and explained it as an Abraxan. Jesse did not know enough about winged equestria to be so specific on breeds but perhaps that was one of Quinn’s areas of expertise. “Do you know a lot about winged horses?” Jesse asked. He’d heard that one of the older students own a winged horse, but then he’d also heard that one of the older girls wore wigs, so you could never rely on rumors at Rocky Mountain.

Whether his subconscious was trying to catch up to the academic standards Quinn had just laid out in this class, or if by not concentrating on a task he was suddenly able to deduce its solution, or perhaps some other reason Jesse had not considered, he suddenly was able to make out a shape that looked convincingly - to his eyes - like some sort of coniferous tree. “I see something,” he said. Using the spell they’d been shown, he traced around its pointed outline. “That’s a fir tree,” he said with more confidence than he felt.

  • Apologies - Quinn, Mon Jul 1 17:21
    When Jesse let her know he was from Minnesota Quinn's eyes lit up. She knew that Minnesota was got cold and actually snowed like a lot. She had seen it snow in Savannah once or twice but it was never ... more
    • I forgive you - Jesse, Thu Jul 4 15:08
      • Yay! - Quinn, Wed Jul 10 07:18
        Quinn had to admit she was really enjoying getting to know Jesse. So far he was a nice boy who could make a good companion here at RMI. She just wished she could tell if her fellow third year was a... more
        • Here's more useless knowledge - Jesse, Thu Jul 11 15:13
          Quinn responded positively to Jesse’s offer of help - she said, “Fantastic,” which, unless a person was being sarcastic, was always a good thing… or no, actually, sometimes it meant incredible or... more
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