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Thu Jul 11, 2019 15:13

Quinn responded positively to Jesse’s offer of help - she said, “Fantastic,” which, unless a person was being sarcastic, was always a good thing… or no, actually, sometimes it meant incredible or unbelievable, but there was nothing so peculiar about Jesse offering help, so either Quinn was being sarcastic or she did actually appreciate Jesse’s offer. He didn’t understand sarcasm so he elected to believe he response was genuine - although she didn’t actually accept it. He wondered if this was one of those times when the response was implied, rather than stated outright. Jesse hated implication, he found it very difficult to perceive and even harder to judge. Therefore, to be quite clear, he said, “If you want me to help you, just tell me a time and a day to meet you in the library and I will bring my notes.” The notes he admittedly couldn’t find any more, but if he had sufficient time to prepare then he could easily make new notes. That might be better, anyway, because his handwriting was not always particularly legible when he was taking notes for his own eyes only. If he knew he was specifically constructing notes for another person to read then he would try hard to keep his handwriting neat.

He listened to her short tale about Abraxan horses at her last school. “That’s interesting,” Jesse replied. As far as he was aware, RMI didn’t have a school mascot. Which perhaps might be a good thing, because learning about the same animal at the start of every year did sound repetitive, and repetitive things had a tendency to be dull. “Although I can understand how learning the same information again and yet again would be tiresome,” he acknowledged, even though he wouldn’t mind learning about Abraxans personally. “There’s no school mascot here,” he said, “but each House has associations. Draco’s is obvious,” he said with a wrinkle of a frown, “but not a specific breed, as far as I know.” For example, an Abraxan was a particular breed of flying horse, whereas there were lots of different breeds of dragon, but no particular one highlighted above any other to be the mascot for Jesse’s House. “Cetus is named after the whale constellation,” so he’d heard, “but the Greeks called it a sea monster, not a whale,” he elaborated with knowledge he’d found accidentally by reading around a set topic. He could show Quinn the constellation, in theory, as it was one of the visible shapes at this time of year, but that wasn’t their topic for today.

While Jesse had just identified a fir tree, Quinn decided to call it a Christmas tree. Jesse didn’t argue. Christmas trees could, he thought, be any sort of evergreen coniferous tree, including a fir or another type of pine, or even spruce (which technically was neither, but most people didn’t care about categorizing things correctly the way Jesse did), so he would not object to his creation having a more festive identity. Besides, Quinn sounded really happy about her interpretation, and Jesse did not want her to stop being happy. “I think your Abraxan was better,” he said, both to accomplish that emotional aim, and because it was true: if nothing else, a winged horse was certainly a more creative pattern to find than the relatively straightforward outline of a tapered tree.

“We should write our findings down on our start charts before we forget them,” he said, sitting up again and collecting up his own blank chart. Then they could fill in legends if they wanted to, and that’s when Jesse realized he’d made an error: there was already a lot of folklore and symbolism regarding Christmas trees. It would be easy - and fun - to make something up for Quinn’s constellation, but Jesse had not picked such a good subject for the assignment extension. Well, he considered as he began to pencil in the lines he’d previously drawn with the spell, he would just have to find another picture and make it something more unusual this time around.

He explained his conundrum to Quinn, adding, “I don’t think the professor will mind if we note down more than one constellation but then don’t invent legends for all of them.” he’d understood it would be for extra credit, anyway, but Jesse knew his understanding of things didn’t always match up with everyone else’s

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    Quinn had to admit she was really enjoying getting to know Jesse. So far he was a nice boy who could make a good companion here at RMI. She just wished she could tell if her fellow third year was a... more
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