Starships were meant to fly
Thu Jan 19, 2017 14:32

“Just put it away so we can see the stars. Holland,” they introduced themself. Holland pulled a black picnic blanket out of their tote bag and spread it out on the grass beside the underclassman. They sat and then lay down, looking up at the false stars.

Well, not so false. The ceiling matched the real stars. But underground Holland couldn’t see that faint heart-of-the-galaxy spray you could only catch when you were looking just to the side of it.

The other student went off about people and aliens (same difference, maybe) and intergalactic conflict. Holland had come to the classroom to stargaze on their own, but they were always happy to talk philosophy. “Magic—the power—most likely exists on other planets,” Holland said. Magic was a universal force, not unique to humans and probably not unique to Earth either. Life had come to their planet somehow, and magic could keep most forms of life alive in space. It was plausible. “Even a non-terrestrial civilization, if it was even slightly similar to ours, would have the concept of magic. All you need for magic to exist as a concept is religion to exist, and most sentient cultures come up with ways to explain the way things are.”

In Cultural Studies, they had talked about how magic was just non-normalized religion in many cultures. It was completely fine to pray for an outside force to make things happen, but waving a wand or making a potion to control that force and ensure that what they wanted happened was apparently heathenish. People were very good at looking at forms of the same thing and calling it inherently different.

But—overall, people weren’t as bad as Andres was saying. “You’re very pessimistic about people,” said Holland. “Muggles put greetings and art and music in their spacecrafts. Of course it’s possible that aliens don’t have the sensory organs to process what they sent but it’s nice, isn’t it? The whole We come in peace thing. It’s cool that the first thing people tried to send out was friendly.

“We’re cosmically young but Earth is still an interesting planet. The biodiversity alone compared to other known planets we can observe is fascinating, even if aliens aren’t interested in being friendly to us.” Holland shrugged. “And you’re also assuming contact hasn’t happened because it wasn’t global.”

  • Andres's relationship with extraterrestrials had been....complicated, to say the least. To say the most, it was a stressed roller coaster of emotions that varied from being intrigued to straight out... more
    • Starships were meant to fly - Holland, Thu Jan 19 14:32
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