On the plus side, they might cook themselves
Tue Jan 24, 2017 06:58

Sorsha was Francine’s best friend, which meant that Nick had spent a lot of time with her, at least peripherally. It was funny - when Sorsha and Francine had first met, they hated each other, despite (or because of?) their similarities. And while Nick loved his twin very much, he was pretty sure he didn’t want to handle anything that spat fire out of either end with her. He had the same reservations about Sorsha, but hadn’t wanted to hurt her feelings by saying no so now here they were. Hopefully they could avoid anything more than mild singeing.

When his fellow seventh-year asked if he had any ideas, Nick frowned.

“Don’t get set on fire?” he offered wryly, eyeing the crab closest to them with suspicion. But that wasn’t particularly helpful and he knew it. Okay. The point of this class was to feed the little suckers and then get them back in their cages. And prevent them from mating. How hard could it be? “I guess I can feed them,” Nick said, a little more constructively. “I’m gonna guess that they don’t get hand fed in the wild, so I can probably get away with just like - throwing the food on the ground, I think.” He hoped. “I’m not really sure why we need to distract it though.” To Nick’s line of thought, if the fiery little crab was eating, it was less likely to be setting them on fire.

As Nick turned to go get some of the slimy crab food, out of the corner of his eye he noticed that one fire crab was trying to climb on another. Merlin. The blonde boy pulled his wand out of his pocket and waved it in the direction of the crabs while saying the correct incantation. Water poured out of his wand, almost like a hose, and landed on the fire crabs. They stopped moving instantly, jeweled shells glittering in the sun refracting off the water. A nearby crab had gotten hit with some spurts that had bounced off the offending crabs, so that one seemed to be stunned as well.

Finite Incantatem,” Nick directed his wand. He shoved it back into his pocket and walked over to the crabs, gingerly removing the top crab from the bottom crab, walking a few paces, and putting it down. “Yeah, do you want me to get the food?” he asked, keeping a close eye on the immobilized crab as he wondered if it was smart enough to try and take revenge once it woke back up.

  • I don't even want to try cooking one - Sorsha Nolan [Lyra], Wed Jan 18 16:47
    Fire crabs. Sorsha was digesting the information with an interested look on her face as Professor Bennett explained exactly what they were doing this lesson. While the Lyra was certainly less... more
    • On the plus side, they might cook themselves - Nick, Tue Jan 24 06:58
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