Ew now there's brain juice everywhere
Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:32

Once Emmett had agreed to let her heal the scratch on his chin, Rose reached down and tilted his head up so that she could get easy access to the cut. It wasn’t that bad, but the fifth year didn’t see why anyone should run around bleeding when there was a perfectly good way to stop that from happening. Pulling out her wand, Rose tapped Emmett once on the chin.

Renovo,” she said, and the injury immediately closed up. There was still some blood on his chin, which Rose figured he could deal with himself. She wasn’t about to lick her finger and rub it on him or anything. That was gross, and that might give him ideas about her. Emmett didn’t need to get any more ideas in his tiny little brain. Rose would admit to herself that if Emmett was only a year older she might be interested, despite him being Marissa’s cast-off (Marissa wouldn’t mind, she’d made out with at least half the upper years at this point, Rose was pretty sure). But Rose was not going to date down, and she was especially not going to date down with someone who spent his free time looking at her best friend with lonely sad puppy eyes.

Rose tucked her wand away under her bra strap again and ran a hand through her curly blonde hair, managing to dislodge some of it from her earlier attempts at calming it down. She managed not to swear at it, but only because she had a lot of practice avoiding certain words around her brothers. Not that she bothered around her father or stepfamily; if they didn’t want Charlene to have a wide vocabulary, they could keep her out of the house.

Then, Emmett asked about her log. Rose grinned and reached into the pocket of her robe to show him how small she’d gotten it. “Much better solution than lugging it around,” she said, although not intentionally to make him feel like an idiot. “I can just make it bigger whenever we have to put it down or whatever. No problem. Is there a reason,” she asked, this time intending to make him feel like an idiot. “That you’re just...carrying yours? You do have a wand, you know.”

  • ....*brain explodes* - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 17:03
    Emmett pondered for a second, trying to decide what looked stupider: to say “no thanks” to Rose’s Healing spell for his chin and look like a stubborn, ungrateful child, or to accept it and stand... more
    • Ew now there's brain juice everywhere - Rose, Tue Jan 24 10:32
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