Kaye Packman
Look at all the lights!
Sat Mar 4, 2017 22:46

It was a month into term, and Kaye was already done with things like schoolwork and responsibility. She was lucky enough to be naturally gifted at school, so she didn’t have to work hard to get by. Well, it may not have been a natural gift at school. It was more like a natural talent to skim readings and create something that sounded informed on paper or in a discussion. As long as she made it to the majority of her classes, she’d get it. Her random school experiences made her a master at this. She was well practiced, so she could skip homework for the night and find a new place to hang out.

She’d fully explored Pearl Street by now, and it was too close to curfew to go. Kaye didn’t particularly care about those rules, but she’d just been kicked out of one school. She promised her dads that she’d at least make it through the rest of this year without getting kicked out. So far, she liked Rocky Mountain International. She wanted to keep that promise.

Instead of heading to Pearl Street, Kaye wandered the school until she came upon her favorite classroom. She liked the outdoor classroom a lot. It was similar to the Quidditch Pitch, but something about it seemed more…regulated. The outdoor classroom, though, seemed wild. It wasn’t as kept together as the Pitch, and that meant it was more interesting. It was also more isolated, which made it even more exciting. She’d been there plenty during the day for classes, but now the artificial sun had set. It was time to explore.

The first thing Kaye noticed was the stars. She knew that Astronomy had class out here, where they could see everything, but damn, they were gorgeous. The pale fourth year set down her small, black backpack against a nearby tree, and she sprawled onto the grass to look at the stars. Minus classes being a bit more than she expected, she liked the private school experience so far. Her Chicago wizarding charter school didn’t have anything like this. After she lay there for a few minutes, her heavily lined blue eyes noticed something else flickering around her.

“What the-?” Kaye sat up and readjusted her long black wig with silver tips, making sure it sat nice and balanced on her scalp. And then she grinned.

Her Chicago wizarding charter school definitely didn’t have anything like that.

What she could only describe as fireflies buzzed around her. Instead of the typical yellow light, Kaye saw all kinds of colors. Ruby, violet, rose, green, and more colorful lights blinked around her. Kaye couldn’t stop beaming. She was so fascinated by the scene around her that, at first, she didn’t notice another student had joined her. Once she did, she turned to them and smiled. Her hand was outstretched in front of her, hoping that a magical firefly might land on her fingers.

“Okay, does this happen here every night, or,” she asked the new arrival, “did we stumble on the world’s coolest light show?”

    • I'm looking! - Emmett Lawrence, Fri Mar 10 22:34
      Every so often, young men needed to get out and be physical. That was what Dad said, anyway. He had some pretty backwards ideals sometimes, but on this one - or at least, when it came to Emmett - he... more
      • Yes, but are you seeing? - Kaye, Sun Mar 12 18:22
        “Neat?” Kaye blinked, and she gestured to the fireflies around them. No matter where people came from, what their blood status was, this was more than neat. Kaye couldn’t imagine a world where she’d... more
        • That's deep, homie. - Emmett, Mon Mar 20 01:10
          Emmett crawled down into the spot on the grass Kaye’s patting hand had designated for him, happy to be welcome. He sat with his knees up for a few moments, watching silently as she reached for the... more
          • Replying late, bro - Kaye, Sat Apr 1 20:07
            “Yeah, I’d like to think they change, too.” Kaye couldn’t imagine being forced to look the same all of the time. It was one of the benefits of her alopecia. She didn’t have to learn any fancy spell... more
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