Lucien Dubois
Astronomy 101: Reasons not to tune out the professor
Wed Mar 8, 2017 15:04

Lucien had not been the happiest to find out that this month was full of noteworthy celestial events. His displeasure was understandable: he had only really chosen to continue on with Astronomy because he’d needed another core and it was the least aggravating of his remaining choices. The class wasn’t going to help at all with his future career goals. So he committed to it, maintained his usual above-average performance, and withheld from criticizing the late hours insofar as they didn’t interfere with his personal study schedule, which included reviewing his notes before breakfast four days a week and mentally reversing a potion on the fifth.

This schedule had admittedly been disrupted after he and Francine started dating - not that he had any complaints there, of course. But having his already-reduced morning studies futher reduced for something that wasn’t beneficial in his personal nor professional life was cause for displeasure. Hence his current state, frowning at his reflection in the closet mirror as he pulled a thick emerald knit cardigan on over his collared shirt and did up the buttons. Straightening his glasses, Lucien swung his bag over his shoulder and headed downstairs.

An hour later found the Québecois standing at a telescope in the mock-outdoors, diligently tuning out Ramirez’s attempts at engaging different members of the class as he focused on copying down a particularly complicated constellation. The professor had started the night by explaining what Lucien understood to be basically a case of triangulation between the earth, moon, and Jupiter, with the latter being on the closest part of its cycle and subsequently prime for observation. Some people probably found that fascinating. Others, like him, waited to hear the actual assignment and then got straight to work.

Currently in the process of building a star chart through which to plot Jupiter’s movement, a bit of Ramirez’s speech drifted past his attention - something about cloud bands. It took a few minutes, but finally it registered and his pencil paused on the paper. Were they supposed to be recording Jupiter’s characteristics as well as its arrival path? And current characteristics, or pre-arrival? Ramirez was long gone by now, so he got turned to his nearest neighbour, Zoey, and got her attention with a wave. “Did you catch what Ramirez said about the cloud bands?”

The sixth-year held up a chart filled with eraser rubbings in response. “Not even close to getting there. Check with Holland, maybe?”

“I guess she would probably know,” Lucien conceded a bit reluctantly, brown eyes searching out the stranger of their schoolmates. He didn’t like having to ask younger students (or anyone) for assistance, but he just had a couple months left of this class and then he could get on with his life, so it was a small sacrifice to make. It turned out that Holland was closer than he thought; he only had to take a few steps to be in reasonable speaking distance and repeat his question to her. “Sorry to interrupt; could you catch me up on what Ramirez said about the cloud bands?”

    • To avoid an awkward conversation? - Holland Keene, Wed Mar 8 20:22
      The outdoor classroom was cool at night this time of year. To defend against that, Holland was wearing a navy double-breasted wool peacoat and gray dragonhide gloves. Technically this weather was... more
      • You're the one making it awkward - Lucien, Thu Mar 9 01:33
        “No.” Well, that was just disrespectful. His request had been perfectly nice. Having been at the top of Potions and similar classes for quite some time, Lucien was used to people asking him for help, ... more
        • At least I’ll own it - Holland, Thu Mar 9 20:06
          Lucien, who apparently owned the world’s tallest horse and misgendered Holland out of the goodness of his shriveled little heart, was now lecturing them like they were a slow toddler. Holland... more
          • At least I'm not denying the truth - Lucien, Fri Mar 10 01:15
            Lucien considered himself fairly good at reading people and had not often felt the need to re-evaluate this opinion. For this reason, he was momentarily astounded to realize that Holland hadn’t been... more
            • Oh, good. Now Lucien was doing verbal bullet points. And oh, good, he was done being insulted. Clearly someone couldn’t take being shown he was wrong. On the other hand, Holland knew they were right, ... more
              • I’m only a jerk to other jerks - Lucien, Sat Mar 11 21:02
                He had a lot of thoughts while Holland talked back at him. It started scornfully. Of course she wouldn’t admit to being mentally unstable. That was the whole reason behind why psychologists even... more
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