You're the one making it awkward
Thu Mar 9, 2017 01:33


Well, that was just disrespectful. His request had been perfectly nice. Having been at the top of Potions and similar classes for quite some time, Lucien was used to people asking him for help, though admittedly it didn’t happen as regularly as he expected any more; presumably the other students found him intimidating, which was understandable. Regardless of frequency, though, he liked the superiority of teaching others, thus the only time he ever turned down the help-requests of his fellow students was if the request didn’t include a please or an apology for wasting his time. One of which he had included for Holland. So why the refusal? Holland was weird, but from their previous interactions (read: his limited interactions with her, and his passing observations of her with other people) he didn’t have the impression of her being particularly rude.

There wasn’t any time to question her shut-down, though. Dark eyebrows shot up as Lucien listened to her rant. Well, that explained it, to an extent. Apparently, she was still taking offense at his adherence to proper grammar and social norms. With that in mind, he supposed he wasn’t honestly surprised by Holland’s utter lack of helpfulness regarding the class assignment, but after five years at school together, he had expected that she would’ve gotten over whatever her problem was by now instead of resorting to accusations.

At her concluding question, he involuntarily shifted back before catching himself and straightening up again. Ugh, if they were only matched in height, this type of conversation would be so much simpler. Both for the ‘not having to strain his neck by looking up’ factor and the ‘not letting her trick him into feeling bad for no reason just because he was being literally looked down on’ factor.

“It’s not my intent to offend you,” he pointed out, trying to keep his tone even and slow like he did when Emile got snippy rather than the shouty/defensive side that Naomi brought out. The result came out sounding a bit like he was trying to calm down a child - not too far off, by his interpretation. “And that shouldn’t have any bearing on our class interaction, anyways.” Never mind that the list of people he semi-maliciously avoided engaging in class had doubled in size over the past two years alone; unless faced directly with said nemeses, Lucien was good at ignoring that. “I know you think I’m misgendering, and that’s too bad, but it’s not true. Yeah, sex is biological and gender is social-” (he threw that in so that she wouldn’t give him yet another rendition of the Lecture) “-but, well, you’re obviously a girl. That doesn’t need any debate.” It was in the way she dressed and acted, and he’d overheard a Lyra once mention that she used the girl’s dorms, not that he would bring that up, but it was still a boost on his mental tally.

“Also, pronouns aren’t something you can personally claim. Language doesn’t work that way. Girl equals she. And I get that’s hard when you have such a... unique... persona,” he concluded vaguely, referencing her obvious creative nature and the fact that he didn’t know a single artistic person who didn’t have something bizarre going on in how they thought, and yet not certain of how to express that succinctly, “but that doesn’t honestly matter. You don’t get to be an exception just because you want it. So I guess I think it’s wrong to cater to you like that, since you’ll just graduate and find out the world doesn’t care.” The more he talked, the more satisfied Lucien was with his explanation. He was also pleased to note that Holland hadn’t cut him off. That was a good sign he was getting through to her. Finally, she would realize he was only doing this for her own good.

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    • You're the one making it awkward - Lucien, Thu Mar 9 01:33
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