At least I'm not denying the truth
Fri Mar 10, 2017 01:15

Lucien considered himself fairly good at reading people and had not often felt the need to re-evaluate this opinion. For this reason, he was momentarily astounded to realize that Holland hadn’t been thoughtfully considering his explanation at all. Had she even listened to a word he’d said, or did she just spend that entire time zoning out and plotting her rebuttal?

The moment passed. He was no longer astounded; he was offended, frankly. Debate was healthy, but this wasn’t turning out to be productive in the slightest. Lucien hadn’t literally planned what he would say before he said it - to expect that would be unrealistic - but he had thought it through carefully while he was talking, making sure he detailed his process and conclusion as best as he could in the moment, and look how she had returned the favour! It was as if Holland had made the decision to disagree with him before even giving him a chance. That was just unfair. Obviously some of it had registered with her, since she was now directly attacking his statements, but more obviously, she hadn’t bothered to weigh it in logically. If she had, then she certainly wouldn’t be reacting like this.

He was respectful in a debate, though, so he allowed her to finish her sentences completely and even take pauses to breathe without cutting in... although his brown-eyed gaze had turned from impassionate to glare-y by the time she’d finished.

“A.,” he began, holding up a finger, “you can talk about yourself, but you don’t live in a bubble. How other people see you is a huge part of identity. Which relates to B.,” another finger. If literally listing his case to her couldn’t help her figure out that this was supposed to be a polite debate and not a childish argument, he didn’t know what could. “Language evolves, but if gender is about your social role, then it doesn’t conceptually change, or not as far as you’re trying to push it. Maybe some males are girls and some females are boys, but you’re always going to be one or the other, because the human brain literally isn’t capable of inventing brand-new ideas. It has to build off past experience, and our original social experience is two genders. Just two,” he repeated for good measure, still glaring. “So you’ll always be limited in your choice of how to present yourself and other people will always be limited in how they see you and like it or not, that’s gonna shape who you are.”

Realizing his volume was creeping louder, he made himself talk even slower. That was his personal foolproof strategy for continuing to sound calm regardless of how another person was annoying him, which Holland was. “C., like I said, there’s only two genders so ‘they’ just doesn’t work. If you prefer ‘he’, or you want me to switch around, I’ll do it, but that’s it. D.,” he was starting to lose track of what all she had gone on about, but the Prefect comment had stung, “I’m completely qualified as Prefect. I’ve only ever been polite to you, and I do accept you. That’s why I never wanted to initiate this-” he flapped his hand between them, referencing the less-civil-than-he-wanted debate “-because I respected your need to work through your problems on your own. Mental health isn’t a laughing matter. I take it seriously. I didn’t want to force you to face reality before you were ready, but I’m not going to pamper you through it like everyone else, either. Finally...” The glare turned into a glower, brow furrowing in a deep scowl. Her jab at his intelligence had stung even more. “Actually, I’m done being insulted. I know you’re only a fifth-year, but I expected you to be more mature. This is ridiculous.”

  • At least I’ll own it - Holland, Thu Mar 9 20:06
    Lucien, who apparently owned the world’s tallest horse and misgendered Holland out of the goodness of his shriveled little heart, was now lecturing them like they were a slow toddler. Holland... more
    • At least I'm not denying the truth - Lucien, Fri Mar 10 01:15
      • Oh, good. Now Lucien was doing verbal bullet points. And oh, good, he was done being insulted. Clearly someone couldn’t take being shown he was wrong. On the other hand, Holland knew they were right, ... more
        • I’m only a jerk to other jerks - Lucien, Sat Mar 11 21:02
          He had a lot of thoughts while Holland talked back at him. It started scornfully. Of course she wouldn’t admit to being mentally unstable. That was the whole reason behind why psychologists even... more
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