True; you’re not denying that you’re a jerk
Fri Mar 10, 2017 19:14

Oh, good. Now Lucien was doing verbal bullet points. And oh, good, he was done being insulted. Clearly someone couldn’t take being shown he was wrong. On the other hand, Holland knew they were right, and had been prepared to have this argument from a young age. And they did not appreciate being told who they were by a greasy full-of-himself teenager who had the manners and mental flexibility of an erumpent and an ego the size of one.

Holland felt no need to defer to the structure Lucien had outlined in his lunacy, so they led with the last point and then worked their way back to the middle. “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health. And you haven’t been polite or accepting, because you intentionally refuse to use my correct pronouns,” they said, in the calm tone of someone with unshaken knowledge of who they were. Lucien’s temper seemed to be slipping and his diatribe had slowed down, but Holland could do this all damn day. They could feel themself getting angrier—it felt like a hot coal in their ribcage, right between their lungs—but Holland’s head was clear.

“There are more than two possible sexes, even though medical professionals often force intersex individuals and infants born with ambiguous genitals into conforming to binary norms.” Usually through medically unnecessary reassignment surgeries. Holland had found so-called “normalizing” surgeries completely disgusting and unethical from the moment they had found out about them. Unwanted surgeries were just another part of the global scheme to enforce traditional gender roles and harm those who broke from them. As far as Holland knew, Lucien wasn’t taking the Healing internship, but if he was as worldly and aware of reality as he presumed, he should know chromosome combinations beyond XX and XY existed. “But besides, you just agreed that gender isn’t necessarily tied to sex, so why should gender be limited to the binary? You talk about ‘original’ social roles,” Holland added deliberate air quotes, “but just because things have supposedly ‘always’ been done a certain way doesn’t mean that way is correct or the best that humanity can do. If that was true we wouldn’t have agriculture or modern medicine or advanced building techniques.

“And if you want to talk about how other people see me, I’m mostly seen as non-binary,” Holland informed him. “Like I said, other students and the staff don’t see me as a boy or a girl. Or if they do, they have the decency and courtesy to respect my identity and use my correct pronouns despite their personal confusion. And RMI—not just the people, but the school’s magic itself—recognizes me as non-binary. I’m the only person who can go into both the girls’ and boys’ dorms in Lyra.”

They’d tested that with Danny during their first year at RMI. Holland’s single was in the girls’ dorms, but since they weren’t actually a girl, the Lyras had been curious as to whether they could enter the boys’ dorms. The only way to find out for sure, Holland and Danny had decided, was to risk a trip to Headmaster Warren’s office and have Holland climb the stairs to the boys’ dorms. Fortunately for Holland—Warren had been much scarier than Headmaster Bonilla was—nothing had happened. They could enter the boys’ dorms just as easily as they could the girls’. As a result, Holland, Danny, and Emmett had had a few sleepovers over the years. The experiment had also made Holland feel better about self-expression at RMI. Not that they needed the affirmation, but it was nice to not be misgendered by a staircase.

“The magic stops all the other students from going into the dorms of the gender they don’t identify with. You can’t trick it or get around it,” at least, not without performing magic Holland assumed was well beyond the capabilities of most students. It was possible Lucien was arrogant enough to think he was somehow superior to centuries of built-up magical energy, but purebloods seemed to respect magic. “So. An external, non-human, non-biased source confirms that I am not just one of two genders. Do you have a transphobic response to that, or are you done?” they challenged, not even trying to keep condescension from their voice. If Lucien was going to talk down to them, they could offer him the same.

  • At least I'm not denying the truth - Lucien, Fri Mar 10 01:15
    Lucien considered himself fairly good at reading people and had not often felt the need to re-evaluate this opinion. For this reason, he was momentarily astounded to realize that Holland hadn’t been... more
    • True; you’re not denying that you’re a jerk - Holland, Fri Mar 10 19:14
      • I’m only a jerk to other jerks - Lucien, Sat Mar 11 21:02
        He had a lot of thoughts while Holland talked back at him. It started scornfully. Of course she wouldn’t admit to being mentally unstable. That was the whole reason behind why psychologists even... more
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