Emmett Lawrence
I'm looking!
Fri Mar 10, 2017 22:34

Every so often, young men needed to get out and be physical. That was what Dad said, anyway. He had some pretty backwards ideals sometimes, but on this one - or at least, when it came to Emmett - he was pretty much right. The fifteen year old needed physical activity, and while playing Quidditch was enough some days, there were others where even after a long practice, he felt an itch beneath his skin, a jittering he had to work out.

Tonight, Emmett felt the inexplicable urge to climb a tree. There was a whole forest of them beside the Pitch, but he had heard some less than respectable times sometimes went down in the forest, and he was a little unsettled by the idea of climbing up high and accidentally getting an eyeful of more than he bargained for from his bird’s eye view. Merlin only knew who he might find that way. Or who might find him.. Up in a tree. Like a weirdo. But the outdoor classroom was less likely to be populated but still had a decent offering of climbable trees to satiate Emmett’s physical requirement, so that was where he went. He headed toward the first tree he saw, but as he drew nearer, he noticed somebody lying not too far away.

“What the-”? It wasn’t a voice he knew too well, but that in itself identified its owner: Kaye Packman, the new transfer. Huh. Emmett had yet to really engage with her outside of class in the month or so she’d been at RMI, so he chose not to alter his course.

He stopped a short distance from her, and she spoke again, this time asking about the light show before them. Emmett hadn’t even noticed the colorful firefly display in the air, obviously more adjusted to the marvels RMI had to offer. “Neat, isn’t it?” he smiled in lieu of a real answer. His smile didn’t linger too long, as he broke the pleasant moment by mentally accosting himself for use of the word neat, because he was apparently a dork from the 1990s. Emmett shoved his hands in his pockets, a defense mechanism against his own awkward.

“Are you enjoying a VIP-only show, or can I join you down there?” he asked, a smile returning as he tried to be friendly. Emmett glanced quickly at the tree, but there were two main reasons why his climb was no longer on the table. One, he didn’t want Kaye to think he was a weirdo. And two, he preferred company to activity anyway.

  • Look at all the lights! - Kaye Packman, Sat Mar 4 22:46
    It was a month into term, and Kaye was already done with things like schoolwork and responsibility. She was lucky enough to be naturally gifted at school, so she didn’t have to work hard to get by.... more
    • I'm looking! - Emmett Lawrence, Fri Mar 10 22:34
      • Yes, but are you seeing? - Kaye, Sun Mar 12 18:22
        “Neat?” Kaye blinked, and she gestured to the fireflies around them. No matter where people came from, what their blood status was, this was more than neat. Kaye couldn’t imagine a world where she’d... more
        • That's deep, homie. - Emmett, Mon Mar 20 01:10
          Emmett crawled down into the spot on the grass Kaye’s patting hand had designated for him, happy to be welcome. He sat with his knees up for a few moments, watching silently as she reached for the... more
          • Replying late, bro - Kaye, Sat Apr 1 20:07
            “Yeah, I’d like to think they change, too.” Kaye couldn’t imagine being forced to look the same all of the time. It was one of the benefits of her alopecia. She didn’t have to learn any fancy spell... more
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