I’m only a jerk to other jerks
Sat Mar 11, 2017 21:02

He had a lot of thoughts while Holland talked back at him.

It started scornfully. Of course she wouldn’t admit to being mentally unstable. That was the whole reason behind why psychologists even existed, because most people just couldn’t figure out on their own that something was wrong and had to pay someone else to do it for them. And of course he had chosen not to call her ‘they’, for the same reasons that he’d already outlined. Lucien responded well to lists; it was probably a big part of why he enjoyed potion-brewing so much. But clearly, Holland was struggling, because she hadn’t bothered to put two and two together (or A through D, as it were) to understand his explanation.

It took a brief detour into confusion. He’d never heard the word intersex before. It wasn’t hard to piece together what she meant by it, though his academic side made a mental note to research it later and confirm whether or not she had actually made that up on the spot - he wouldn’t put it past her at this point. Said mental note was pretty hasty, as confusion was a feeling he never liked to begin with, and confusion when faced with someone as irritating as Holland right now was a feeling he really didn’t like. Confusion red-hot, cheeks flushed with annoyance. And she obviously still wasn’t listening since here she was again, putting words in his mouth that didn’t fit with what he had said previously.

This mix of anger and confusion escalated almost immediately into shock-rage when she brought up the staircases. Well, either shock-rage or rage-shock. Lucien was experiencing a pretty strong surge of both right about now, and it was hard to decide whether her astonishing (unbelievable) claim of being able to access both sides of the dorms outweighed the infuriating realization that he had been led on.

“Why didn’t you just start with that,” he snapped at Holland. “Going in circles with all that crap about agriculture and, and intersex,” he still wasn’t entirely certain if her explanation had even been legitimate; the medical field was incredibly complicated, and since they hadn’t even fixed cancer yet, well, surely doctors would never waste time and money on that kind of thing, “which doesn’t even relate to anything that I’ve been saying, by the way. So what if sex and gender are separate? There are still only two genders. It’s impossible for a new one to just pop into existence, because there is no prototype to build off, just like it would be impossible to have skyscrapers today if we didn’t have smaller houses and tents and caves before that. If your goal was to ignore everything I said and completely waste my time, congratulations!”

All throughout this tirade, his accent, normally so subtle, had been getting thicker and heavier. Lucien let out a huff, unfisted his fingers, and attempted to remind himself to stay on track. If he could find the track again. He considered himself an excellent debater, and he’d wanted to treat this as a debate, but Holland’s constant insults were starting to drive him crazy. “If you think for a second that I believe you can use both staircases, you’re extremely wrong. Regardless, that would have still been an... interesting talk.” He actually meant it. Talking theoreticals was pointless when one had facts, but interesting nonetheless. “Contrary to you, I can appreciate an intelligent conversation. But, too late for that now. Congratulations, again,” he announced with a sneer, volume climbing one more. Transphobic? As if he’d ever be scared of someone like her. He was done, for real this time. “J’m’en câlice, do whatever you want, just don’t trick yourself into thinking I give a f---”

He hadn’t wanted to come to Astronomy in the first place, and felt no desire to stay here any longer. Not bothering to collect his things, Lucien pushed past her (or brushed past, really, she was officially bumped up to Number One on his ‘people he couldn’t wait to never see again after graduating’ list but that didn’t mean he would stoop so low as to hit a girl) and headed for the tree-lined path back to the school, his grumbling trail following him. “Tabernak de crisse de folle d’osti...

  • Oh, good. Now Lucien was doing verbal bullet points. And oh, good, he was done being insulted. Clearly someone couldn’t take being shown he was wrong. On the other hand, Holland knew they were right, ... more
    • I’m only a jerk to other jerks - Lucien, Sat Mar 11 21:02
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