Yes, but are you seeing?
Sun Mar 12, 2017 18:22

“Neat?” Kaye blinked, and she gestured to the fireflies around them. No matter where people came from, what their blood status was, this was more than neat. Kaye couldn’t imagine a world where she’d stop being impressed by magical things. She wasn’t Muggleborn, and she could still manage a little awe when it was called for. She hoped the boy joining her wasn’t a pureblood snob or something.

She squinted, eyes mostly adjusted to the dark now, trying to identify the other student. Despite Rocky Mountain International’s apparent love for partner work, Kaye hadn’t worked with a lot of other students so far in classes. This kid definitely wasn’t someone she’d worked with. She could kind of place him in the background if she thought about it really hard. She couldn’t remember his name, or his house, or if he’d ever spoken before, but she knew they were in the same year. She was new to this small school, so she didn’t doubt that the guy knew who she was, or at least knew of her. Kaye, as usual, was in the dark, and that was okay. The dark tended to be more interesting than brighter places.

The Aquila was content to continue enjoying the lights all on her own when the boy asked to join her. Her hands, which had been held out in front of her while she tried to catch a pink light floating by, moved to pat a spot on the grass next to her. Her black distressed sweatshirt fell slightly off her shoulder, and she took a moment to readjust it before reaching her hands back out in front of her. She didn’t look over at the other student to see if he was going to join her.

Kaye reached for one of the multicolored fireflies and missed. She didn’t get up to chase them, though; she was content to stay where she was. After a couple more attempts to catch one of the bugs, she gave up and watched the lights dance around them.

“Do you think they change colors, or do they all have one assigned color?” She asked, finally paying attention to the other student.

  • I'm looking! - Emmett Lawrence, Fri Mar 10 22:34
    Every so often, young men needed to get out and be physical. That was what Dad said, anyway. He had some pretty backwards ideals sometimes, but on this one - or at least, when it came to Emmett - he... more
    • Yes, but are you seeing? - Kaye, Sun Mar 12 18:22
      • That's deep, homie. - Emmett, Mon Mar 20 01:10
        Emmett crawled down into the spot on the grass Kaye’s patting hand had designated for him, happy to be welcome. He sat with his knees up for a few moments, watching silently as she reached for the... more
        • Replying late, bro - Kaye, Sat Apr 1 20:07
          “Yeah, I’d like to think they change, too.” Kaye couldn’t imagine being forced to look the same all of the time. It was one of the benefits of her alopecia. She didn’t have to learn any fancy spell... more
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