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“Yeah, I’d like to think they change, too.” Kaye couldn’t imagine being forced to look the same all of the time. It was one of the benefits of her alopecia. She didn’t have to learn any fancy spell to change her look. All it took was a different wig and some makeup. It wasn’t complicated. She wouldn’t wish one color on these fireflies. It was much better to imagine they could change colors whenever they wanted. If she could just catch one, then she’d find out.

“Emmett,” she repeated, “Kaye.” The name was vaguely familiar. She couldn’t exactly figure out why. They were in the same year, probably. He wasn’t in History of Magic, she was pretty sure, but maybe Spellwork? It seemed like everyone in the school took that class, though. She couldn’t figure out if it was because it was a really interesting class or because McKindy was just so damn likable. She’d definitely never partnered with him.

“This is cool. I’ve been at RMI since first year, but I don’t know how long it’s been since I just, like, sat back and watched the fireflies like this. It’s nice.”

“For an underground school, it’s really busy,” she replied, “It’s nice to have found a quiet space.” She held a hand up and hoped that a firefly would just land on her finger for her to examine. Stranger things had probably happened at the school. Unfortunately, nothing landed on her hand. On other days, she’d chase after the little bugs, but she was comfortable where she was. She’d run around another time.

The Aquila sat up slightly and pointed her wand at her small black backpack against the tree. With a whispered spell, she summoned it over to her and her new companion. She opened it and inside was a bunch of fruit she’d snagged from the Finer Diner a couple hours ago. She’d pretty much just grabbed a bowl of fruit and dumped it in her bag. She grabbed a pear, then passed the bag over to Emmett. “Snack?”

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    Emmett crawled down into the spot on the grass Kaye’s patting hand had designated for him, happy to be welcome. He sat with his knees up for a few moments, watching silently as she reached for the... more
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