Ruben Lundqvist
Just having a quiet workout
Sat Apr 15, 2017 14:28

Getting to teach Rose a bit of glíma had been fun. His fellow Aquila had been joining him at least once weekly, and often more when she could. At Durmstrang, Ruben had been in a high enough bracket that he was usually sparring with older students rather than teaching the fresher ones. It made for an interesting change of pace for him now to be working with a girl who hadn’t even been able to make a proper fist at their first meeting. However, ‘fun’ was kind of the zone they stayed in. Fun teaching her, fun grappling in baby steps, fun teasing her when she kept screwing up.

‘Fun’ wasn’t the only thing the tall Swede sought in martial arts, though. As much as he enjoyed the time with Rose, he was also pleased that her schedule was so much busier than his own, because it left him plenty of time to go solo. Couldn’t quite practice sparring without an adequate partner, but there were other things he could always work on. Endurance, flexibility, stuff like that.

With no commitments this particular afternoon, Ruben decided to skip the padded room he usually used for practicing and headed outside. The above-ground weather was good enough that he had no reason to stay indoors, assuming the enchanted weather on the Pitch matched. Striding out in his usual workout gear, which comprised a pair of slim-fitting black cotton pants and today’s choice of tank top (a grey one with a deep v-neck and a band logo scrawled diagonally across the chest), the sixteen-year-old quickly concluded that the below-ground weather was perfect. He just as quickly concluded that he had no interest in rolling around on the grass below the handful of students who had apparently decided to fly around. Quidditch was a dumb sport. Though of course he tried to hold back that opinion around Holland, only poking a little fun at hen for hens participation.

There was a meandering path that led to some kind of outdoor classroom area, though, and no one was occupying it when he rounded the mock wall of trees. “Jättebra,” he muttered to himself, kicking off his high-tops and putting his spiked wristbands inside for security. Glíma was the only time he took them off, at least publically - though he had been known to fall asleep with them on, so. Finger-combing his long hair back into a basic ponytail, Ruben plonked down on the grass and began his warm-up stretches.

The whole process of his practices was a relaxing one. Stretching was comfortable in how it strained his limber musculature, and it gave Ruben great satisfaction to carry out body-weight patterns demonstrating his strength. From there, he moved into a series of rolls followed by fluid kicks at imagined partners, grass crushed underfoot, heartrate accelerating. He had just tested out one of the larger bordering trees and was partway through a series of chin-ups when he heard a noise behind him. Arms still bent, Ruben turned to see one of Holland’s friends standing there and arched an eyebrow at him in silent question.

    • Nope - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Apr 15 15:15
      Just recently it didn’t seem to Danny like there was sufficient space in his head for all his thoughts. It wasn’t something he was used to - the only type of thinking he ever really engaged in was... more
      • Well, not any more. Thanks for that. - Ruben, Sat Apr 15 16:59
        Despite being a friend of Holland’s and presumably someone that hen had mentioned to him before, Ruben either didn’t know the other boy’s name or had forgotten it. Either option was possible. They... more
        • You're Welcome - Dardanius, Mon Apr 17 14:59
          The response his advice received of just climbing the tree and sitting in it suggested to Danny that Ruben would fit in just fine with the rest of his friends; with perhaps the exception of Holland,... more
          • Ruben watched with some amusement as the other fifth-year climbed a neighbouring tree. The Swede wasn’t completely sure why he felt the need to do that, hence his amusement. Conversations always felt ... more
            • Useful how, exactly? - Danny, Thu Apr 20 15:14
              Dardanius had not been aware there were machines for exercising. Muggles had machines for everything, so he wasn't surprised, except that this information had not come up before, either in Cultural... more
              • Usefully non-distracting - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 19:19
                Admittedly, Ruben hadn't specifically sought out exercise machines at RMI and so was not completely sure whether any existed, but he'd assumed there must be some kind of designated exercise room for... more
                • Challenge not accepted - Danny, Tue Apr 25 16:09
                  Ruben’s sudden interrogation of his exercise regimes took Danny by surprise, observable by his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline in delighted incredulity. His first audible response was to... more
                  • A new challenge, then. - Ruben, Wed May 3 00:19
                    Ruben appreciated the thoroughness of his answer. The answer itself was unsatisfying, but of course it was: the tall Swede held himself to a standard of exercise that he hardly expected of anyone... more
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