Well, not any more. Thanks for that.
Sat Apr 15, 2017 16:59

Despite being a friend of Holland’s and presumably someone that hen had mentioned to him before, Ruben either didn’t know the other boy’s name or had forgotten it. Either option was possible. They had never really interacted, Ruben being inclined to find Holland or one of the girls to partner up with in class when it was required and inclined to spend time alone when outside of it. And of course he paid attention to the conversation when chatting with Holland, but he didn’t care enough to keep track of everything hen said about hens male friends. It wasn’t as if they were exclusive or anything; he liked kissing Holland and wasn’t too inclined to shake that up with someone new, but it wouldn’t have bothered him if hen had something going on with another dude at RMI. Probably.

“Really?” He felt more curious about that than skeptical. Continuing to use it was, obviously, the best way to learn whether the other boy’s warning was actually true. With a movement that vaguely resembled a shrug (shrugging being a bit tricky to accomplish when hanging in midair), Ruben pulled his chin up again and this time pushed himself up over the top of the branch. Shoulders straining, a quick side-glance confirming that the muscles were bulging impressively, the blonde swung his legs over to sit on the branch, bare feet dangling. He smirked down at the other boy and shrugged properly. “I guess we will be finding that out.” His concern about being thrown off a tree was marginal, if not entirely nonexistent. If there was one thing Ruben could handle, it was an attack. Which was among the more useful skills in life, really.

Crossing his ankles, his blue eyes looked over the other boy’s attire. “Were you also exercising today?” It was a good day for it, so he supposed he shouldn’t be surprised at his inability to find an empty outdoor space to claim for his own use for long. Still, the benefit of having had solo access to this grassy clearing for as long as he had wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that it was a little annoying having to share when he had come out here with the intention of being alone. There were some ways in which Ruben was not a typical Swede (namely, his more outgoing nature), and some ways in which he was very much (metal culture was mainstream back home rather than shunted off to the side like something inferior to dance-pop or whatever Armaan’s music was called). His appreciation for nature was one of those ways, although it was less on public display than his taste in music and style. Quite often, back home, he and Dagny spent significant chunks of time camping out in the fjällen, the long low mountain ranges in the North. It was the ideal place to get some peace away from the city.

  • Nope - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Apr 15 15:15
    Just recently it didn’t seem to Danny like there was sufficient space in his head for all his thoughts. It wasn’t something he was used to - the only type of thinking he ever really engaged in was... more
    • Well, not any more. Thanks for that. - Ruben, Sat Apr 15 16:59
      • You're Welcome - Dardanius, Mon Apr 17 14:59
        The response his advice received of just climbing the tree and sitting in it suggested to Danny that Ruben would fit in just fine with the rest of his friends; with perhaps the exception of Holland,... more
        • Ruben watched with some amusement as the other fifth-year climbed a neighbouring tree. The Swede wasn’t completely sure why he felt the need to do that, hence his amusement. Conversations always felt ... more
          • Useful how, exactly? - Danny, Thu Apr 20 15:14
            Dardanius had not been aware there were machines for exercising. Muggles had machines for everything, so he wasn't surprised, except that this information had not come up before, either in Cultural... more
            • Usefully non-distracting - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 19:19
              Admittedly, Ruben hadn't specifically sought out exercise machines at RMI and so was not completely sure whether any existed, but he'd assumed there must be some kind of designated exercise room for... more
              • Challenge not accepted - Danny, Tue Apr 25 16:09
                Ruben’s sudden interrogation of his exercise regimes took Danny by surprise, observable by his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline in delighted incredulity. His first audible response was to... more
                • A new challenge, then. - Ruben, Wed May 3 00:19
                  Ruben appreciated the thoroughness of his answer. The answer itself was unsatisfying, but of course it was: the tall Swede held himself to a standard of exercise that he hardly expected of anyone... more
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