You're Welcome
Mon Apr 17, 2017 14:59

The response his advice received of just climbing the tree and sitting in it suggested to Danny that Ruben would fit in just fine with the rest of his friends; with perhaps the exception of Holland, they were all stubborn and obnoxious. “As you like,” he replied with an amused smile.

While please that starting a conversation had happened with relative ease, Danny didn’t like that Ruben was literally looking down on him. Sometimes - often - Danny talked to Emmett while the younger boy was sitting or lying on the floor (that just seemed to be how it worked out. Possibly because Emmett seemed to spend a lot of time on the floor and Danny very little) and their relative positions had not made any impact on him, but being beneath someone unfamiliar was disconcerting. Doubting very much he could persuade Ruben to come down (he hadn’t dismounted when he’d been warned that the tree might throw him off, which was an indicator any further attempts would be met with failure), the Lyra instead approached the adjacent tree and, with the use of a foothold, climbed onto one of the lower branches with relative ease.

“I was planning on exercising, yeah.” Danny replied, brushing back some chestnut-brown hair from his forehead - it had just reached a length where it was in his peripheral vision, which meant it would need cutting soon (but not too short because he didn’t like it to look neat). “The Quidditch pitch seems extra crowded today,” he added, not bothering to explain that this was the reason he’d arrived at their current location instead, because that was undoubtedly inferred from the circumstances. “I should have figured there’d be people here, too,” he acknowledged aloud, “but I’ll admit I didn’t expect to find anyone in a tree.” A few years ago he had climbed several of the trees in the area, but it was a past-time he had apparently outgrown without realising it. His exercises these days were more mundane, he supposed, limited to Quidditch practise almost daily, and running or swimming a least a couple of times during the week.

  • Well, not any more. Thanks for that. - Ruben, Sat Apr 15 16:59
    Despite being a friend of Holland’s and presumably someone that hen had mentioned to him before, Ruben either didn’t know the other boy’s name or had forgotten it. Either option was possible. They... more
    • You're Welcome - Dardanius, Mon Apr 17 14:59
      • Ruben watched with some amusement as the other fifth-year climbed a neighbouring tree. The Swede wasn’t completely sure why he felt the need to do that, hence his amusement. Conversations always felt ... more
        • Useful how, exactly? - Danny, Thu Apr 20 15:14
          Dardanius had not been aware there were machines for exercising. Muggles had machines for everything, so he wasn't surprised, except that this information had not come up before, either in Cultural... more
          • Usefully non-distracting - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 19:19
            Admittedly, Ruben hadn't specifically sought out exercise machines at RMI and so was not completely sure whether any existed, but he'd assumed there must be some kind of designated exercise room for... more
            • Challenge not accepted - Danny, Tue Apr 25 16:09
              Ruben’s sudden interrogation of his exercise regimes took Danny by surprise, observable by his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline in delighted incredulity. His first audible response was to... more
              • A new challenge, then. - Ruben, Wed May 3 00:19
                Ruben appreciated the thoroughness of his answer. The answer itself was unsatisfying, but of course it was: the tall Swede held himself to a standard of exercise that he hardly expected of anyone... more
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