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Tue Apr 25, 2017 16:09

Ruben’s sudden interrogation of his exercise regimes took Danny by surprise, observable by his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline in delighted incredulity. His first audible response was to laugh, and then to answer the questions in reverse order. “I sometimes use the climbing wall if we’re all having a race to the top or something, but habitually, no, I guess I don’t take advantage of that particular resource.” He probably should if he was in any way serious about developing his upper body strength beyond what Quidditch and swimming had already achieved, which of course he wasn’t. “I run wherever I feel like it at the time, and I swim some mornings until I get hungry.” He grinned. Schedules and routine had never been particularly effective for the Lyra; he managed to cope with his classes timetable but he did enjoy it when the professors mixed up the yeargroups or locations - something to add some variety to his otherwise predictable week. “Vita brevis, occasio praeceps,” he joked with a shrug. Let Ruben keeps his routines if he liked them, and Danny would continue to prefer random happenstance.

Ruben’s confession of not being a Quidditch fan was the least surprising thing Danny had heard all day, and only encouraged the partly-drawn conclusions he had been rejecting in favor of getting to know Ruben a little better before making judgments. He nodded in a way that conveyed ‘I suspected as much’ but he didn’t add a verbal translation, a little because he didn’t feel it was warranted, but also because Ruben had not outright rejected the idea of joining them in Quidditch mini-games. Having a regular three-on-three group rather than constantly chopping and changing the final one or two players, depending on everyone - usually Holland - ’s desire to participate that day, could be fun.

Danny was saved the effort - temporarily, at least - of identifying a new topic for conversation of the tree did as Danny had suggested it might, and flailed its branch in an attempt to throw Ruben from it. The Aquila seemed to be ready for such an eventuality, and leaped to the ground with such intention that Danny had no choice but to be impressed. “I did not land like that when it first threw me out,” he replied with a grin of his own. “I think I ended up somewhere over there,” he gestured to a spot several feet away near a thorny-looking bush.

Danny glanced at the ground distantly below his own feet. Nope, he wouldn’t be jumping that unaided, even if the tree he had chosen for a perch decided to behave similarly. He did know the spell Marissa had taught him that made the ground soft and bouncy, which he would use to break a fall if needed, but for the time being he was content to maintain his seat on the branch. Conversing with someone while looking down on them was apparently infinitely preferable to Danny than their positions being reversed.

  • Usefully non-distracting - Ruben, Sun Apr 23 19:19
    Admittedly, Ruben hadn't specifically sought out exercise machines at RMI and so was not completely sure whether any existed, but he'd assumed there must be some kind of designated exercise room for... more
    • Challenge not accepted - Danny, Tue Apr 25 16:09
      • A new challenge, then. - Ruben, Wed May 3 00:19
        Ruben appreciated the thoroughness of his answer. The answer itself was unsatisfying, but of course it was: the tall Swede held himself to a standard of exercise that he hardly expected of anyone... more
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