A new challenge, then.
Wed May 3, 2017 00:19

Ruben appreciated the thoroughness of his answer. The answer itself was unsatisfying, but of course it was: the tall Swede held himself to a standard of exercise that he hardly expected of anyone else, barring of course his former training partners at Durmstrang. Those guys (‘guys’ here meaning the girls as well, for they were hardly the type of school to support gender segregation in athletics or anything else) took their bodies extremely seriously. Something that this particular guy in front of him, or more specifically, approximately to the side of him in a neighbouring tree, clearly did not. Why one would intentionally choose not to build and take advantage of their potential strength was something that absolutely confused him.

Confusion in that way was fine. Another person’s confusing lack of well-rounded intensive exercise just meant another person whom Ruben was stronger and overall better than. Confusion in this new way, as a result of the dude spouting off some foreign language, was less fine. The first couple words were familiar, but vita brev meant literally white letters and had no relevance to their conversation. The last couple words didn’t help him resolve anything. They sounded vaguely like Italian, which Ruben considered himself to know a little of since he knew some Spanish and they were similar, but this vague connection didn’t help him fit together a better meaning.

He didn’t have a chance to prod Danny on this, as the topic was changed to Quidditch against his will (pfft). The question was a lame but necessary thing to address. But his tree-branch shaking gave him an opportunity to counter Danny’s language display with his own. At Danny’s indication of just how far the tree had thrown him, Ruben shook his head, unable to hold back a snort. “I am not much surprised. Running and swimming can only take you so far along. Att ligga i framkant,” he cited with an air of casual superiority. He wasn’t about to ask Danny what his words had meant, but he was bilingual and would happily use that in retaliation to cause confusion.

Reaching up to pull out the elastic, Ruben shook out his long hair, satisfied with the feel of it brushing across his bare shoulders. He’d gotten a pretty good workout in, and it was clear it wouldn’t get much farther as long as Danny was trying to make conversation. Ah well. Maybe he’d hit up the climbing wall now; having brought it up, his attention was quite taken with the idea of climbing rocks instead of trees for the remainder of his (mentally) scheduled upper-body workout. He ducked to scoop up his belongings and then stepped into his shoes while glancing up at the other boy. “Race you back,” he stated with a smirk. The if you want to was left unsaid. He didn’t know Danny well, but he assumed that the challenge would be accepted, because why wouldn’t it?

  • Challenge not accepted - Danny, Tue Apr 25 16:09
    Ruben’s sudden interrogation of his exercise regimes took Danny by surprise, observable by his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline in delighted incredulity. His first audible response was to... more
    • A new challenge, then. - Ruben, Wed May 3 00:19
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