Claudia Dubois
Out with the Old
Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:18

Second year had been weird, and Claudia was pleased that it was almost over. She would get to go home to her family and escape the perpetual spiral of anxiety that being at school seemed to create. The Cetus student didn't know whether the student body had heard about her fainting in charms class, because she avoided the rumour mill as deftly as she was able. That sometimes meant avoiding Marley, too - the other girl wasn't a gossip, precisely, she just incessantly talked about everything so it was only a matter of time before she had covered all the subjects existing under the sun. Even so, Claudia hadn't managed to escape the social bulletin that her brother was hooking up with Marissa Kendrick because she had literally seen them together, creating a mental image she could never unsee, despite desperately wishing otherwise.

It hadn't been a complete disaster though, Claudia reflected. She thought she could call Connor a friend now with more certainty than her tentative assumption at the start of the year, and Marley, too. Holland had started to teach her about make-up, and as she was going to be thirteen over the summer, Claudia thought it might be acceptable for her to start wearing it soon. Not lots, of course, because that wouldn't be proper, but maybe a hint of color on her eyelids sometimes would be okay. Also that strange first year, Stella, had introduced Claudia to the idea that hair could be colored with charms (she had always assumed Holland used dyes for their hair because their parents had a cosmetics store or something, but now realised that might not be the case). Obviously Claudia wasn't going to start changing her hair green or pink or anything else outrageous, but dark blonde was so dull - maybe she could charm it a few shades lighter to be properly blonde, or a few shades darker to be brunette. She was good at charms. With a bit more research and some practise, Claudia might be able to try a new look in third year. That was a daunting an exciting prospect.

First, however, she needed to make it through the final few days of term. Classes had diminished to games and philosophical discussions, but Claudia had already planned for the year ahead by requesting library books for summer reading on topics they were likely to cover in the first few weeks of the new term. Her grades had been excellent all year and she planned to continue the trend. So even though it was a warm day underground, and many students were idly wasting their hours away, Claudia had set up a study space under the shade of a tree. She sat atop a woven bottle-green blanket, her long, pale blue-and-white striped sundress tucked around her legs, and a charms textbook open. It was her first read-through; she would take notes on the second.

She hadn't planned for company, so was surprised when some arrived. The second year looked up at the interloper through her pink-lensed, copper-rimmed sunglasses, trying to ascertain whether or not she should invite them to stay.

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