Marley Chapman
I just don't like being jumped on!
Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:53

"How do I look?" Marley did a twirl to show off her outfit. A twirl would've worked better if she was wearing, like, a bit poofy skirt, or a cape. Or both! One year, when she was maybe around seven, she'd spent Halloween with her dad and grandparents, and they had tried to come up with the Best Costume Ever because her elementary school was having a Halloween parade and costume contest at their morning assembly. Marley had ended up deciding to be a Space Princess Superhero. It had been an awesome gongshow of costume pieces - big skirt, long red cape, a tiara jammed in her frizz, a mask over her face and tubing coming out of her backpack like an air tank - and she couldn't remember what had happened to all of that stuff but she did remember proudly marching the stage and twirling and hitting Tyler L. in the face with her cape hard enough to leave a mark. (That had been the end of that particular schoolkid crush. Thank gosh she was old enough now to have proper teenage crushes and not embarass herself like that!)

Anyways, tonight Marley wasn't a Space Princess Superhero. Nope, this year the tall third-year was going as a Real Person for Halloween: Markie Simms, the super-cool lead of her new favourite band. She was pretty sure no one would actually recognize her costume, because it was actually a Muggle EDM band and she assumed that EDM wasn't super popular in the magical world because, well, it was mostly synth and wub-wub-wubs also made with synth and wizards could peobably simulate it with magic but why would they do that when there were so many other unique things they could do with magic instead? Being probably mostly unrecognized made for a fantatic costume, though, because it was a conversation-starter and then she could tell people all about this nifty EDM band from Vancouver Island. (Although she couldn't play the music for them, because she'd given Claudia her boom box because Claudia had thought it was a gift and she didn't want to admit she was a bad friend and hadn't even thought about gifts, but maybe she and Claudia could, like, hang out in the Diner and play it for others to hear...)

Her roommate Alice gave her approval, complete with two thumbs up, and Marley beamed back. Alice looked great, too; she'd been stuck on costume ideas, so Marley had suggested something gorey and more typically Halloween, since that was so different from her usual style. They wound up making her an Alice in Wonderland sort of costume, mostly thrifted from the same shops Marley had gotten her costume pieces, but with some enthusiastic bloody makeup on er neck, like she'd been beheaded by the Red Queen. "Okay, let's go!" Stuffing her feet into her new Converse (and wow that felt good, new shoes were such a rarity in the Chapman household), she tugged down the ankles of her shiny pink leggings, stuck her wand behind her ear (well, half-behind her ear and half-just through the middle of her afro), and led the way in a dancey sort of walk she had been practicing.

They were outside and almost to the party when they ran into Kateri, who immediately wanted to drag Alice off to check out the daycare. Apparently that punchy Aquila guy whose name Marley kept forgetting was, like, babysitting, but the upper-years' fake babies instead of real babies? Both Lemont sisters seemed keen to go at least for a bit, but Marley wanted to go right into the Haunted Trail, so they agreed to split up and find each other at the party later. And so Marley, still In Character, danced into the trail. Its name was promising, and the fog was awesome and creepy, and--

--and a giant spider landed on her hand.

Marley shrieked, vigorously shaking her hand and hopping up and down until it let go of her. Oh, that was gross! Spiders were fine normally, but Halloween spiders were the worst thing ever! And its furry legs had touched her nice bright nails, and she'd been testing out this polish in anticipation of her and Claudia's Girls Night, which would eventually happen, but how could she use this yellow polish again when it reminded her of Halloween spiders and--

"Another one?!" Marley shrieked again and bolted down the path, skidding to a halt just in time before running into a dark-haired girl ahead of her. "I dunno what you saw," she wheezed, "but I got jumped on by giant spiders! Oh my gosh, that was fun but so, so awful!" Inhaling deeply, Marley took a closer (ish) (the lighting was weird, and by weird she meant mostly just dark) look at the girl and then realized they weren't a girl. Probably. It was hard to tell. "Sorry - Holland - is that you?"

  • Not a fan of jump scares - Holland Keene, Fri Aug 25 19:24
    Somehow, Danny and Ruben’s fight had pressed the reset button on their friend group, and people were getting along with each other again. At least tentatively. Marissa had organized the group go see... more
    • I just don't like being jumped on! - Marley Chapman, Sat Aug 26 10:53
      • Yeah, I’m not exactly jumping for joy - Holland, Sun Aug 27 01:10
        Holland was still in fight-or-flight mode for a few seconds after Marley appeared, but then they started to settle down. At least they hadn’t hit their teammate with the Stinging Jinx—or maybe they... more
        • At least we're... jumping? - Marley, Wed Aug 30 20:48
          It was Holland, phew. “Oh, great!” she exclaimed in a breathy whoosh of exhaled air and hopped a quick step closer. Haunted houses were always better with company. And, like, this wasn’t exactly a... more
          • More like jumpy - Holland, Fri Sep 8 17:27
            Marley talked a lot, and Holland may have tuned out a bit, but the gist was that they should walk together. That was fine with Holland; they walked with their wand arm up and the light valiantly... more
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