Raja Nazari-Richards
Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:28

Raja was pretty fond of Halloween. His parents were kinda health nuts so he didn’t usually get a lot of candy, and this was the one day a year where they somewhat forgot about calories and sugar content and “you know your teeth will fall out, right?” (to which his answer had always been, “yes, they’re supposed to, I’m a child, let me live,” although after he ran out of baby teeth that stopped working.) The nice thing about being at boarding school though was the freedom to do unhealthy things, like eat a ton of candy without being nagged. He was pretty sure Aunt Estelle, when at RMI, would report to his mom about what he was up to, but he also knew that Aunt Estelle was a bro and while she would have to tell Bailey if he got into trouble or had conflict issues with people, she was probably not about to out him for his sweet tooth.

He had decided to dress as a spider this year, but he had also decided to test out his remedial sewing skills and make it himself. So basically, he was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt with two extra set of arms sewed onto his torso, a pair of black jeans, and black shoes. He thought about adding a red hourglass to his back and being a black widow, but people tended to associate widows with women and he was twelve and his masculinity was slightly fragile at the moment. So instead he was just a nondescript black spider.

He was very glad he had made the choice to be a spider when he arrived and found the giant spider web thing. “I’m home,” he marvelled aloud before sprinting off in its direction. Raja was very excited to be slingshot…. Slangshot? Slingshotted? Slingshat? No, that one sounded dirty. Anyway he was excited to be launched into the web by the force of the trampoline, attempting and failing to do some kind of twirl in the air (he needed a broom to be agile in the air, obviously) before sticking. He landed pretty close to a dinosaur who was already there. “Thanks,” he laughed back, a little breathless from the momentum. Raja was pretty sure he was upside down, or else the other kid was, but he wasn’t completely positive yet. “Cool costume.” He glanced down (up?) a little self-consciously at his own far less quality costume and noted one of his arms starting to tear off. “Oh no, I’m wounded!” he cried dramatically, overdoing it so that he was sure it was clear that he wasn't actually hurt.

  • What do you call a triceratops in a spiderweb? - Andrew Tennant, Fri Aug 25 21:22
    Kit was being a stegosaurus for Halloween, so Drew had a list of dinosaurs to choose from and he had picked triceratops. Technically he probably could have gone as anything but then he would never... more
    • "Stuck"? - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Aug 26 11:28
      • I don’t have a punchline, so sure - Drew, Fri Sep 8 14:04
        Drew didn’t know Raja really at all, but he knew a lot of Raja’s family. His parents used to work at RMI with Dad, and they got Christmas cards from the Shepard-Richardses every year. (Drew was... more
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